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    Hey guys! I ended up telling my boyfriend today (in a text cause I'm a pansy) that I like wearing and using diapers and that I don't want to be fixed. I told him that for now I just need him to love me and accept me. He responded well. Told me that's his most important job. He hasn't really said much, but I think he just needs time to think. It's kind of a big thing. thank you guys for helping me feel confident!

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    Congratulations, I really hope it all works out. For me diapers are such a rooted part of my sexual identity I could not be happy with someone who wanted to try and fix me. I really hope everything works out, just be easy with it and let him ease into the idea. Congratulations again!!!

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    I only told my wife after 11 years which was really hard to do. So well done, hope it works out well.

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    Well done, telling other people is quite possibly the most difficult thing you can do. My girlfriend found out before we got into a relationship so that one was easy for me, but I did tell one of my close friends who I was flatting with out of fear that they would discover it on accident. It's been a positive response from everyone in my case which I know is not always what happens! But it does give you a big sense of relief when your not the only person carrying the weight of the secret. Congrats again and good luck

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    Well done and fabulous.... hope he comes to realise how lucky he is!

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    Makes Life a lot more enjoyable. So much less stressful.

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    If he doesn't have the same preference, he doesn't feel what we do in his head and he'll accept it much slower than you would had you been in his shoes, but yes. Stay confident, we diaper lovers rule.

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    Good job! Im sure he'll be fine with it, you took a big step out of your comfort zone and he should realize that, either way I'm proud of you!

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    Congratulations man, even via text it takes balls

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    Like a poster below, it took me 11 years of marriage to get the courage to tell my wife. I went as bad as it possibly could have with her threatening to take the kids and leave. Now, a year later, its better, but not as good as I would hope. She accepts that I wear, but makes me do it only when I'm alone. So that's when the house is empty or if I'm at work. She never wants to see my diapers (on or off) so I still have to hide them. We barely even talk about it doesn't exist.

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