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    hello luck for me I found a big and he is willing to buy me diapers I do want to go 24/7 but he can only spend $30 every two week on diapers for me.I have a 31inc waists and i live in the usa.If there needs to be more info pls let me know

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    Whilst I don't live in the USA, I do know that in the UK you can get help from the NHS if you qualify for free diapers due to a disability or other medical condition and this is a good thing because diapers aren't exactly cheap to buy as they cost between 30.00 for a pack without tax and 60.00 respectively if VAT is imposed on top of that or sometimes more, you see in my case I have been battling with incontinence for six years ever since 2010 when I became incontinent through no choice of my own due to disabilities that I have mentioned in my blogs.

    Ps-good luck with finding affordable diapers.
    Yours sincerely


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    As far as stores go the only option I can think of would be CVS brand (which are not the greatest) The reason I recommend CVS instead of Walgreens is the frequency of sales, and coupons available for extracare card members. I recently burchased 12 bags of 20 ct medium for a total price of less than $23.00 using coupons and discounts. I actually donated the bags to a local nursing home, as I tend to do once or twice a year.

    If you are looking for quality try craigslist. The best keywords to search are (briefs, diapers, ABDL, molicare, abena, tena, and dispasable) You will usually find tena, and prevail on craigslist. Every once in awhile you will find better brands though. I just recently bought two cases of molicare. One size large Molicare Super, and one size medium Molicare Comfort Air Active (which I have learned are a bit rare and hard to find. My total price for 180 (2 cases = 3 bags a case. 1 bag contains 30 diapers) was only $120 If you go through 4 diapers a day that means 45 days worth of diapers for $120
    Albiet I think your best bet is craigslist if you want quality. CVS if you want cheap and plentiful (but be prepaired to change VERY frequently (6+ times a day)

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