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Thread: Buying diapers in Germany

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    Default Buying diapers in Germany

    I'm headed to Germany for work for a couple weeks. I'd like to purchase my supplies there instead of packing from the states. I've read some posts from 2012 that most grocery or pharmacy stores carry them. Is that still true? What brands? Is it the same as in the states that plastic backed are not available retail?

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    While sorry I can't advise on German shops if I was off to Germany I would be buying from save express and getting MyDiaper Nights.

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    Agree with Argent... Try Save Express ( they are based in Hamburg... Germany is the Diaper capital of Europe... Brands include Abena (M4 plastic backed), Rearz, Dry 24/7 and My Diaper to name a few... I also recommend MyDiaper Nights... or you could try

    Good Luck...

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    I had better luck with amazon's German store ( than Save Express. Might not be a problem for you since you'll be there for a while, but there was a delay in Save shipping the package which was nearly disastrous for a multi-city vacation with short stays.

    I didn't see a lot of good selections at the stores/pharmacies. Just have it shipped to the front desk of your hotel. They get packages for customers everyday.

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    I shouldn't be but I'm leery of shipping to my hotel from a German website I don't understand well. I'm not sure what would show up. I'm not picky. I'd just like a bag of Abena or similar. I plan to try my luck with retail stores. I'll be near Frankfurt.

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    Pharmacies should be stocking decent diapers, but they might not have what you want if you're picky.
    I would guess that you can get either Abena, Molicare or Tena though. Probably Cotton Feel. :P

    Maybe the easiest way really would be an Amazon Prime delivery to your hotel so you can pick it up from the front desk.
    save-express has a huge selection and with their neutral packaging option they will take care that no diaper brands or logos are visible on your package. But they could be a bit slower and even I don't know which shipping options will reliably give me a tracking number.

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    I think the best and easiest way is to order at the pharmacie, not the drugstore, and the next day you can pick it up. Done it myself.

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    I'm here in Germany now and failing at finding diapers. The apothecaries that I've found are just drug stores and don't carry diapers. I've not asked anyone, because you know why. Is there another store that would carry them?

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