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Thread: Anyone ever dreamed that they were a 'furry' character?

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    Default Anyone ever dreamed that they were a 'furry' character?

    I have twice dreamed that I was Tails. In the dream I could feel my tails like they were a part of my body. It wasn't a babyfur dream, but it was still awesome.

    Unrelated to that, I dreamed once that I was an OC I created who has wings, I could feel those too.

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    No but once I did dream that was sonic the hedgehog this was in 1994-95 as I used to watch the cartoon alot and I also had a Saga Dreamcast 2000 that I used to rent from the video store it was my first consol/platform and I really enjoyed playing sonic on it tho was from a store namely Blockbuster Video when they used to have stores in Hong Kong I also used to pls it at my friends house in Acomb in York when ever I was on my school holidays and as a result I can still hear the music playing in my head unfortunately the saga Dreamcast was only rented as I couldn't afford one myself as at that time they were really expensive to own.

    But I had an ace up my sleeve in the form of a Nintendo Gameboy that also had sonic as a game on the multi cartridge which had 30-40 games in it which I really enjoyed playing as the gameboy was my own, nowadays I have a Sony PlayStation 3 & a Xbox360 black edition.

    But lets get back on to the topic in hand dreams can be very beautiful when they are good ones and sometimes even though I often forget about them when I wake up the best ones are the most enjoyable and joy enhancing experiences we will ever have in life.

    Anyway must go now as I am supposed to be working so until then keep dreaming and have a nice day.
    Yours sincerely

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    I've always been me in my dreams, as infrequent they are. Had a diaper dream recently, first time in like 18 years.
    I wish I was a furry character though. I dislike myself. Furry characters are all much better then I ever could be.

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    Once I was - what I assume was a grey wolf, or a sliver colored fox. I was riding an empty bus on a way to see a friend. Everything seemed so real and I didn't question it, I just rolled with it.

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    I wish. I can't every control my dreams, and the only time I realized I was dreaming and gained control my alarm went off.

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    I've dreamed I was a werewolf. I've also dreamed about being chased my vampire. I have really weird dreams.

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    I have dreamed, and then pretended a few times after, of looking extremely similar to Minka Mark from Littlest Pet Shop!

    Feels like any time I'm posting in this board it's to mention her, but really she is the sorta start and finish of my involvement in this stuff. Something about her having pigtails and honestly her being a cartoon monkey worked for me.
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    I would have to say yes as I often actually have dreams where I am sort of not myself as I exist in real life. It's probably more common actually. I can take the form of an animal, furry, either gender, different people, and have even been different ages.

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    I haven't had a dream where I was a furry necessarily, though I have taken other forms. The stranger ones would be a young dinosaur and a Transformer, while also being a kid again on occasion, which was fairly fun.

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