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Thread: Question for gun owners.

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    Default Question for gun owners.

    Are hi-point guns any good? They are awful cheap. 155.00 USD for a 45.

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    I made the mistake of buying one years ago. I would never do it again. It stove piped every third shot. I ended up destroying it.

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    Yeah i hear you there. I'll save up for a smith.

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    I have no experience with them, but I would personally save up for something with a proven law enforcement and/or military service record.

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    I prefer that my handguns come from South America. I love my Bersa semiautomatics and Taurus revolvers.

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    My brand of choice was Ruger, though I owned other makes the Ruger quality and price point made the sell.

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    Ruger is good for the price point. The best deals can often be had in used guns from any reasonable manufacturer. About half my guns I bought used. Unless they've been pretty egregiously mistreated, guns last a good long time.

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    I currently have a ruger 44 mag and a smith 22 semiauto.

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    Very cheap handguns tend to be bulky and heavy. That's all this infidel has to say. You will get what you pay for, get a good piece.

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    this is actually the first negative review i've seen of a high point. i don't have any first hand experience with them but from the review videos i've seen they seem to be good, functional, guns.

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