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    Default Greetings!

    After running into this site for several years I finally decided I was old enough to take the plunge and register!

    I'm 21 years old as of this introduction. I'm more of a DL than an AB; I'm just not into ageplay and dressing/behaving like a baby, but I respect the opinions of those who are into that aspect of the ABDL community. So I'm here to share my experiences with diaper-wearing as a young adult. I'll explain that a bit more soon.

    Now I want to explain my username and profile picture. I love horses, like a lot, and since I'm on the DL side as opposed to the AB side I figured it wouldn't make sense for me to have something babyish for my username and picture. I also decided that instead of having something diaper-related, I would instead choose one of my non-DL interests to based my username and picture on. So then I guess I decided to make a sort of horse persona to use on this site and let the other users here take that as they would. I was just going to make my username simply "stallion" but I thought that sounded boring, so in search of a descriptive word to enhance it I came up with "handsomestallion". I know you all think that sounds flamboyant or suggestive, which was not my intent, but I can't help what anyone thinks of it. Also, I don't think I'm actually handsome in real life, nor do I think I have the personality traits or build of a horse.

    So with that out of the way, I'll now go into more detail about my diaper-wearing habits! Even though I'm 21, I'm small enough to fit well into large Goodnites, so that's my diaper (or should I say "disposable absorbent undergarment") of choice, since they're just big enough for me but also contain youth-oriented designs. Goodnites are the only diaper I wear to bed when I do wear diapers to bed. I sometimes augment my Goodnites with Pampers or Huggies as stuffers. I use Pampers Baby Dry Size 6, Pampers Cruisers size 6 or 7, and size 6 Huggies as stuffers for my Goodnites. And occasionally, I'll get store-brand adult diapers and sometimes I stuff those with baby diapers as well. (So I guess maybe I'm a slight AB after all.) I've also tried fitting into both Pull-Ups and store-brand training pants (specifically the Walgreens Green Lantern and My Little Pony ones) without much success. (Yes, I'm sort of a "brony".) I have no interest in buying or using Depends, Abena, Molicare or any other name-brand adult diapers.

    Now, I say I'm not an AB, but truthfully, I sometimes like to think of myself as playing the part of an approximately three-year-old child who's fully capable of using the toilet, yet refuses to do so and is therefore still in diapers. That's because in real life, I was extremely stubborn and refused to let go of my diapers, and I was probably three and a half before I was considered toilet-trained. And I suppose that's connected in some way to my present-day fetish. Now I keep this to myself for the most part; I don't walk around in just a shirt and Goodnite or shout "I DON'T WANNA USE THE POTTY". But when I hear others in the bathroom and I'm wearing a diaper, I sometimes think to myself "I'm fully capable of using the toilet like they are, but instead I'm just gonna go in my diaper".

    I'm so proud of myself for finally getting the courage and confidence to join one of these forums so I can share my personal experiences with being an adult diaper wearer. Sorry this is so long. Let me know what you think. Have a great day.

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    Welcome to the site. Like you I have been keeping an eye on this forum, just never had the thought of joining. I hope that this site answers the questions you may have. If not, ask and you shall receive. Everyone is friendly here, and we are here to grow together as a community! -cheers

    Written from Medera CA -PT-

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    Welcome im another newbie who has been lurking a while before joining.

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