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Thread: Do your medical notes state you are incontinent?

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    Default Do your medical notes state you are incontinent?

    How many of you are classed as medically incontinent? My medical notes clearly state I am incontinent and enuretic due to diabetic related neuropathology problems.

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    I spoke to my gp a about it once. She did a blood test to check for diabetes, and we talked about stress at work and some bladder exercises I could do. J don't know if it went on my record as medically incontinent though.

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    My record shows "uncontrollable urge to urinate", "frequent urination", "urine retention", and "symptoms involving the genitourinary system", according to an online lookup. So I while it doesn't explicitly say "incontinence", I would think the "uncontrollable" part of the first listed condition would mean just that.

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    My doctor has me listed as having urinary incontinence and she prescribes me extended-wear/overnight diapers. My insurance covers it and I wear 24/7. Sometimes it's a real hassle but I don't mind-I'm in the process now of hiring a care giver to assist me.

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    Mine Does. 100 Percent Urinary Incontinence zero Diabetes thankfully . Also as above mine states Patient is not a candidate for elective or corrective surgery due to Acute Anesthesia reactions . Treatment is Absorbent products -Adult Diapers . I carry a card with my Doc's Emergency contact in case of emergency surgery.

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    yes. urge incontinence.

    Doctor's study progress notes:
    Normal capacity, delayed sensation, no obstruction, urge urinary incontinence

    And Specifically:
    Electromyography studies diagnoses: urge incontinence
    Cystomerograph diagnoses: urge incontinence
    complex uroflowmetry diagnoses: urge incontinence

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    Not currently as my last doctors couldn't find the problem causing my urinary incontinence even though I went through countless tests and kept making appointments to see the urologist all of which cost me time and money as its not free on the NHS, I was prescribed by my doctors with verious medication that was supposed to stop the problem but it only made I worse than before and I was very allergic to the pills so I stopped taking them and returned to wearing diapers which I have now been doing for the last 6 years.

    If I can get reassessed from a different doctor/physician then maybe I could finally find out what the cause I and maybe even have diapers prescribed by them for my needs which will be great because I am not going to have yo pay for them anymore as they are expensive.

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    Mine lists full urinary and fecal incontinence . I went through hard testing. No cause was pinpointed. I was prescribed diapers and I wear 24/7

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    My urologist diagnosed me with OAB and called my leaks "urge incontinence". So technically yes I've been diagnosed as having incontinence. I'm sure his file in his office says that. I doubt if I went to some hospital and they pulled up my records it would say anything about that. Maybe it would I don't know or care.

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