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    Today I was using my bathroom when I noticed it looked like dust was gone from the top of my toilet, and stuff I hadn't put there was in the trash. Then I figured my mom must have put one of those tabs of cleaner (which don't work anyway...) in the toilet tank. But then again, the water isn't blue so...

    Fast forward to this evening, when my mom mentions she was going to clean my bathroom today if I wanted since she cleaned the other one. I simply said no but alarm bells are starting to go off... I have used diapers hidden under the bag in my garbage can, which I'll throw out when I toss the rest of the bathroom trash. If she takes it upon herself to take out my bathroom trash at the wrong time - which she hasn't done in three years, why start now? - I could be busted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    or you could clean your own bathroom?
    I do, but I do it kind of sporadically. I'll sweep the floor here, clean the sink there, etc.; I don't mind a bit of mess. The shower is in pretty bad need of a scrubbing, but I'm lazy...

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    well that's one way to keep mom from doing it for you, if you want to use that place for your stash

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    Or also, you know... sneak them out and throw them away elsewhere before she does. If you're the only one using that bathroom, you really should be cleaning it though.

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    I would be getting rid of the trash immediately. Why take chances? Then to be nice, I would clean the bathroom. It's obviously bothering your mom. I keep our bathrooms clean because my wife can't. It's not fun, but neither is looking at a dirty bathroom.

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    I need to use pretty much 24/7 but that does not mean I want other members of the household to know, or to be aware of my used diapers. I use some plastic bags for each used one and tie the top firmly before putting it on the dustbin. I might be kidding myself about people not knowing but eveni f they do I have not made my need for diapers obvious. I don't use supermarket bags because they have holes in them, but ebay sell the coloured sort that are watertight and contain odour well.

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    I've been using the same method for the past three years without any problems. I can't take bags to our outside can without raising suspicion, so diapers go with the rest of my bathroom trash, bagged up multiple times, and tossed in the kitchen trash can.

    For the moment I've hidden the diapers in my hamper until I can get them thrown out tomorrow.

    If I really wanted to, I could take them with me to the YMCA in my tote bag, but I'd rather not be carrying around smelly used diapers with my mom in the car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine View Post
    If I really wanted to, I could take them with me to the YMCA in my tote bag, but I'd rather not be carrying around smelly used diapers with my mom in the car.
    I'd suggest avoiding taking trash somewhere else to dump it unless you need to. Some people have problems with others filling their cans or dumpsters, and can react badly if they see someone pull up and toss in a bag. You don't want to get involved in a dispute that ends with a bag that splits open and spills diapers all over the lawn or parking lot.

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    The safest course of action would be to throw away the used diapers, or at least hide them in a place where your mom won't look while she cleans your bathroom. Which it looks to be what you've done, so good.

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