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    No one want to help me with my onesie project. I've search Ebay, Esty, and handful of other places. I guess this is another idea that won't see the light of day.

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    Are you refering to the Raichu one?

    Perhaps make it?

    I would help you if I knew how to make such a thing, but I am not good at making clothes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchtopK View Post
    have you tried
    she does custom work I think.
    I did, but she said she couldn't do it

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    Default Slightly disappointed

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    Quote Originally Posted by deerest View Post
    I tried tvwebmom and she said she couldn't do it.

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    I'm guessing you're wanting a onesie with a tail and hood with ears. The problem your probably going to run into on ebay and etsy is that a lot of those sellers use their crafts to make money as their way of life. Any custom project they are willing to under take shouldn't be to much more difficult than what they already craft in their store fronts. If it is then it's going to take a lot of time away from them being able to make other things to sell and possibly other commissions they are working on.

    There are plenty of sites that sell kigurumis and I know I've seen a Pikachu one. You might want to look into getting one of those and maybe modifying it. Other than that maybe try drawing up the design on paper or on a computer if you have a program like photoshop or illustrator or gimp.

    Try to think modular, onesie body, tail, hood, ears. Draw designs for each piece and include to scale measurements that show how much material would be needed. A lot of times if you do the leg work and prove it can be done relatively easy they'll be more willing to work with you on a custom project.

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