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Thread: Shipping Pacifiers to Pacfiersrus

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    Default Shipping Pacifiers to Pacfiersrus

    Considering I'm living with my parents and would find it rather embarrassing to walk into a UPS in order to ship pacifiers off to be modified, how would I ship them to Pacifiersrus and/or what excuse could I give someone if anyone asks?

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    Why would it be embarrassing to walk into a UPS store to ship a box containing pacifiers?

    Are you going to let UPS box them up for you? That might be a bit embarrassing but if you box them up at home, then no one will see what you have.

    The UPS guys don't care that you are addressing a box to PacifiersRUs.

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    How would I box it at home? *blushes* Sorry if that's a dumb question but I'm new to shipping things.

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    Not a dumb question...

    I would think you should be able to find a small cardboard box around your house or maybe in a store dumpster that is in good shape.
    You can stuff it with newspaper or magazine pages crunched up to protect the pacifiers.
    Taping the box close may present a problem as regular transparent ('Scotch') tape is not strong enough to tape a box with. I have seen a small roll of packing tape in many different stores so you should be able to get some.

    Then just put the pacifiers in the box, add some crumbled paper and tape the box shut.

    I just though of something else as I was typing this. Do you have a non-transparent bag that you could put the pacifiers in? If so you could take the bag to UPS to be boxed up. UPS isn't going to look in the bag.

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    You can also ship usps as well, I know my post office tapes boxes for me sometimes, and I'd think ups would too....

    Either way, around the house look for any duct tape. That works too...

    And any small box, some old newspaper, don't have to be very careful, pacifiers don't break easily

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