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Thread: DL vs AB

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    Default DL vs AB

    So I've been wondering lately, what makes someone an adult baby as opposed to someone that just enjoys wearing diapers.

    I think of my self as a DL but I wear all sorts of diapers, use powder, and I'm looking into a onesie.

    On this forum I guess some posters say that if you wear a diaper with a baby design that it makes you an AB.

    Is it more of any age play thing? Or am I moving into the realm of AB?

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    I'm definitely firmly on the DL side. I don't care for prints on the diapers, don't use powder, onesies, or think about age play. I would imagine it's more of a spectrum between the two and you're just mostly to one side. Hope that helps as an example.

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    I identify more as a little then an AB. But yeah, I'm not a DL - it's not about the diapers for me, they're just part of being little. I can be little without em!

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    I'd say that if a person likes other traditionally babyish items and activities besides diapers, then he/she could probably be classed as an adult baby or little, but I suppose in the end it's for the person to decide. I wouldn't say just because he/she uses powder or a onesie that it makes him/her ab - powder's good for reducing sweating, onesies keep diapers hidden. Liking a printed diaper may not necessarily mean ab, although it could be a sign.

    Perhaps gauging how the person feels is a good indicator - if the person enjoys wearing a diaper because it makes him/her feel small and babyish, I'd say he/she could be called ab.

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    Like powder, wouldn't mind a onsie, at home, dabble in thumbsucking (every so often...), use creams, plastic pants, training pants, diapers & pullups, BUT, I'm all DL, with just a smidgen fantasy of being AB. Can't picture an AB in my position, as an over-the-road truckdriver, responsible for moving 60,000-80,000 lbs of stuff down the freeways at speed. Not that an AB couldn't do it, they just wouldn't be living it the way I do, as a DL. I hide my wearing from all, and can live out my life & job, with no interference from the diaper wearing.

    Really, it's in the mindset, as far as I can see. If you tell yourself that you're two, and TRY to believe it, and want to act it nearly always, and want a mommy/daddy to coddle you & protect you, then, chances are, you're likely more AB than DL. If you just love the feel of your diapers, but take them into the adult world, and/or sexual world, then you're probably closer to a DL, regardless of when it started in your life.

    My life in diapers started just beyond 2 yrs of age, so it's not when it begins that makes the person AB vs. DL, it's more what you do with it, once it settles into your pee brain. In my case, the diapers merged with my personality at a very young age, and though I grappled with it (guiltily) for a long time, eventually I realized the benefit of coming to terms with it, and I began to really love it, which I really do, and have now, for over 50 years. My wife hates it when I say it, but I really believe my first girlfriend was my Gerber's. I loved them. They loved me. They pleased me. Eventually, we grew apart, but I'll never forget those days, and I shouldn't have to. They did no harm, and I had friends that were out gang banging skanky chicks, while I slid around in my plastic pants, humping my bed as my girlfriend, without the risk of lifelong STD's (herpes, syphilis, etc), pregnancies, etc. Of that, my wife should be happy...

    Honestly, though, I don't see why a person can't blend in between both worlds, if that's what floats their boat. We're all adults, experimenting with what feels good in life. If it feels good, then do it! If wearing does it for you, kudos, you're probably a DL. If you need all the pacis, the bottles, the crib, the high chair, the kid-printed plastic pants, etc, they you're probably more an AB.

    But, if someone (meaning my wife...) took me on a little fantasy trip, heading me into AB land (with some of the above mentions), chances are, I wouldn't fight it, but would just see where it landed me/us. In reality, with my size & weight, and a very hairy set of arms & legs, I/she just have a hard time envisioning me as a baby, though I can really try to think my way into the mindset, if I try real hard & the scen is set properly. Trouble is, she still struggles with a role as a mommy, and I can't force her to like that. so, we can play, but I just can't live it fulltime, the way some AB's tend to do.
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    I'd agree it's about the mindset. That is not to say that it requires you to think you're little or feel younger but that babyish and childish things have resonance for you. I enjoy diapers as a thing in and of themselves but they get extra zazz when I consider them in context of an infantile thing. You can use onesies as a practical item only but when you start to think of how they play into baby stuff or start looking into cute patterns, you're treading into AB territory. Powder is likewise neutral in itself but why would you want the baby scent if you're not an AB?

    Most of us aren't just one thing. You like what you like and it's all good. Although I can discern discrete elements in my interest, it makes the most sense just to think of myself as ABDL.

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    I am a DL. I love wearing them, and have a thing for my partner wearing them too. It's something that goes back to my childhood and has taken a life time to understand.
    I'm also AB. I really like childish things, and enjoy acting out childish fantasies by my self, or with a partner. (THE FLOOR IS LAVA! ) These are two totally separate things that often over lap... But not always. I recently bought some Legos and sat in living room with my partner playing with them for hours. No diapers involved. But a few days after, I wore a Rearz Seduction (very non-babyish) while on a 36 hour gaming marathon. I felt very non baby as I chugged a power mix of Jagermeister, Redbull, and Everclear, and then kicked some serious n00b @$$. (RAWR!)

    AB/DL is often found together, but it's important to remember that it isn't one thing. It's the Peanut butter and Jelly of the fetish world. They go awesome together, but you can have either separately without missing anything.

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    I agree with all the above. I agree that it's a spectrum with many of us living in both worlds. Sometimes I wonder if I'll be in the mood to regress, but as soon as I put on a diaper, the process of regression happens automatically. I've always wanted to be in diapers. Even as a teenager, I began to identify wearing diapers and using them while having infantile feelings.

    I'm not strongly committed to feeling that one needs to define themselves as either AB or DL. Our secret society has defined us this way ever since the internet. People like having labels because it helps order the mind. It gives us understandable information that helps us get our mind around why we are compelled to wear diapers. But I believe that it's a construct to some degree. It's a convenient way to help us understand ourselves, but I think there's a lot more we don't understand. Maybe there will be more medical research into who we are and why we feel the way we do.

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    i wear 24/7 but becuase its comfortable but im having desires to get plastic pants but dont pee/poop so it seems to be a little of ab and then dl

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    I label myself a DL, although "autonepiophile" would be more accurate, as it captures the fact that my sexual attraction to diapers stems from fantasies about being a toddler. My inner toddler doesn't really exist outside of the diaper fantasies, however, so while I'm strongly attracted to babyish diapers, I'm not at all drawn to bottles, pacifiers, baby toys, or other kinds of baby clothing. My diaper-play, because it involves an imagined toddlerhood, could possibly be labeled "regression", but that feels like a stretch. Because of those things, I find that the AB label doesn't quite fit.

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