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    Default What is happening to me

    I don't know why but recently I have become sad again, I am not enjoying things as much anymore or finding things funny. Nothing little seems to be making me happy anymore but yet I still want to do it. I have not been bothered to change my diapers anymore but yet I still managed to, I have not been able to play as well and I spend half the days on Adisc just checking things and I don't do a lot. I end up wasting my time in the morning just thinking and I can't stop.

    I have been a bit more on edge recently and I feel like I should give up trying. I used to be so happy and not even walking into my room with the little stuff sucking on my paci makes me happy anymore,

    I am not sure if this is my tired brain or anything but it's getting harder to sleep again. How can I make it stop? What is this even?

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    I can't even go to bed on time or get dressed with in 20 mins anymore, it takes me 1-2 hours instead!

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    It sounds like it may be depression. A few quick ways to assist is to get seratonin, which is a chemical in your body that helps you feel good, and can be retreived by getting some extra sunlight. Also, try to surround yourself with positive things. I take medicine for severe depression, but I am tired of doing such and been trying to find other ways rather than being a zombie. I also have found out that listening to better music, taking some time off, or even, taking time off of little side can help adjust you a little bit. Try something that you never tried before.

    I know personally that it isnt "that easy" ..... I wish you the best. Mabey perhaps find someone willing to listen and for you to vent. This can be a stuffed animal or a good person to listen.

    Big hugs, and please get better soon

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    Try not to worry, Angelic. It sounds to me like that depression is playing up. The horrid feelings will go away. With that chat with your dad tomorrow, talk about this. Maybe go see a doctor. When I first had problems and my friends got me to go to the doctor: I was very nervous but it made all the difference. Try and relax, and if you can't relax don't worry either. Just know that you will feel better I promise. Hang in there, and take care of yourself. X

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    When I start feeling depressed, I try to get involved with some activities like bike riding, going for a walk, cleaning the house and sometimes, writing. For the past half a year, I've been learning a lot of new pieces on the piano.

    The worst thing is to do nothing, though that's what depression makes you want to do. I assume you're still going to your college classes? I would also guess you have to study and finish projects? Don't let your depression interfere with that. I did poorly my freshman year because of depression. It improved over time and I hope yours does as well.

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    If this has been going on for months (like more than 2) or lasts that long, you'll probably want to look into Mental Health treatment - actual clinical depression is a serious problem.

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    Depression can be caused by a number of variables. It can be the result of a situational crisis, such as the loss of a loved one or it can be clinical, where a chemical imbalance is affecting your physiology. I don't want to hit a sensitive point, but it really hasn't been very long since the loss of your mother, and no doubt you are still grieving. It takes time to move on, and we all move at our own pace. The other thing is that stress and anxiety can also lead to depression if there is too much going on in your life, for example, difficulty in adjusting to school or tension with your family. If your mind and body is in a constant state of anxiety, eventually it gets worn down. When you are living off too many negative feelings it catches up to you. This can lead to a number of things, including insomnia such as you described, or not being able to find joy in the things that used to make you happy. These are all symptoms of depression and they can be a result of many factors.

    What I can say is that you should never underestimate how much these things affect you. The longer you go without getting proper help means it will just be that much harder to reach out and seek treatment later on. Depression can be like a spiral, and the further down you sink into it, the harder it is is to find your way out of it. It can take time to get to the root causes, so please, don't put it off.

    Your profile shows you're in the UK. The following link will take you to an excellent list of resources that can provide help in dealing with depression, loss, anxiety and other issues. Please look it over and consider making contact with one or more of them. There is help available, it's just a matter of reaching out for it. Don't feel embarrassed or reluctant to do it. We all need a helping hand at some point in our lives.

    Adisc is here to support you and give the best advice we can, however, I strongly, strongly encourage you to reach out to your doctor or professional support as soon as possible to discuss your entire situation.
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    I am going to see somebody, I have already booked an appointment with the phychiartrist.

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    I am going on a mini vacation again so I hope I come back refreshed again

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