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Thread: Peeing a Lot While Diapered

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    Default Peeing a Lot While Diapered

    I'll preface this by saying this isn't one of those situations where people say that when they're diapered they feel like they can't hold it as long.

    Once in a blue moon, I'll have a morning by myself and loaf around the house in a premium diaper (the Abena L4 is my go-to). I've noticed that in these cases, I need to pee a lot, even if I haven't drunk much. This doesn't really happen if I'm out and about padded, or wearing a cheaper diaper.

    Yesterday for example, I had two overnight/morning pees in my diaper. I got up and had one bottle of milk and a little bit of water, and wet I believe three more times (and leaked...) in about a three-hour period. These were decent wettings too, not little dribbles.

    I've come up with two possible explanations: 1) When I wet, I'm not emptying my bladder all the way, or 2) sitting makes me pee. I kinda think the second one might be to blame, for whatever reason. Like I said, on these mornings I pretty much just sit around and watch TV or whatever. And I've experienced something similar when I went padded to the movies one time.

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    I wonder if there's some guy/girl stuff going on here, too. Being a guy, I've been accustomed for most of my life to peeing at urinals while standing, whereas you'd be more accustomed to peeing while sitting. Just a thought. But along those lines, I actually find that my best chances of "holding it", even when my bladder is desperately overfull, come from sitting and not moving a lot. And that's definitely worked to my advantage on long (and diaperless) road trips!

    What you're experiencing could also be a matter of trust. Perhaps, as you've used these particular diapers (your Abenas), you've lost your fear of leaks to where you can easily and naturally wet without pausing to convince yourself that it'll be alright. And because of that, you may find that putting on a diaper suppresses that subconscious inclination to hold it until you can be bothered to get up and use the bathroom.

    Or in short: It's easy to wet as soon as you feel the slightest need, you know that it'll be ok, so you do it. And your gender suggests that you're conditioned to be ok with peeing while sitting, too.

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    Your not alone I have also found that I pee alot when I am wearing diapers although in my case I have a medical condition and am also retraining my bladder to return full time to what it was as a child because I have gotten fed up with fighting with my body and now am trying to find peace in the fact that I must be padded up for the rest of my life, I am a male by the way but you can read my blogs if you're interested in my story.

    Yours sincerely


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    I tend to pee more in the morning and less in afternoon

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    I think it's normal. Having something warm, wet, and squishy pressed against your parts makes them more relaxed. sort of like putting a heating pad on your stomach, or sitting on a heated car seat. I love the heated seats in my car, but I can't travel far with them on before I have to pee. The last girl I dated couldn't sit more than 30 minutes with the seat heater on before she was desperate for me to stop for a powder room break.

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    I get most of my "very wet diaper" time overnight. Go to bed well-hyrated, lots of medium size wettings throughout the night, not a lot of movement plus laying mostly on my back, my diaper can get safely soaked and I get a little bit of "staggiering around the house in the morning in a very swollen and heavy diaper" before changing out. Trying to get anything done around the house in such condition isn't very convenient. I wear for enjoyment, not inconvenience, so that's where I draw the line. Keep it fun.

    Besides... my trash can is heavy enough by pickup day with seven very soaked space or safari in it, I think too many more wet diapers from daytime wetting would start to become a problem!

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    I pee a little and often all the time since wearing nappies 24/7. Usually without any warning. I thoroughly enjoy being dependant on nappies.

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    I have a theory that if you wet freely in a nappy you actually need to drink and pee a bit more as you are not retaining it.

    That is based on me thinking that the bladder absorbs some water back which may not be true.

    Pee output (mine anyway) is very dependent on eating, exercise / activity etc. - especially walking after having sat down all day for example.

    In your case maybe getting up after being in bed triggers output as it is supposed to be suppressed while you are sleeping unless you have nocturia - plus you have drunk some liquid in the morning too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine View Post
    I got up and had one bottle of milk and a little bit of water...
    There's your answer.

    I'm like that as well. I have found that I tend to pee more in the morning. It seems that as soon as I drink something I get the urge to pee in a matter of minutes, and the pee is pretty clear which indicates that it was the liquid I had ingested a few minutes before. My normal mourning routine includes drinking some water and eating breakfast that includes milk.

    You're probably just noticing it more when wearing diapers, maybe because they cost money. Going to the toilet doesn't, so you don't pay any attention to how many times you need to go.

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    Personally I donīt feel like I pee more in a diaper, I just think it becomes a more thoughtless process. I donīt have to try to find a bathroom or hold it until I can get to one. I can just go, it becomes more natural.

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