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    I am not sure if I can get away with this but if I can at least get away with the cup bit at least (without the lid) then it would be great but if it got accepted with the kid, it would be awesome, but a kid can dream. I picked out a cup that isn't too Babyish but dad would accept plastic cups if I started getting them I suppose but then again I used glasses for about 10 years without spilling or dropping anything.

    What would you think about this sippy cup if you saw somebody who wasn't a baby using it? Would it get easy to get away with this sort of cup?
    What about without the lid?
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    Sorry about the duplicate thread, I find it hard to express myself so I am attempting yet again to make myself understood

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    According to your specific design, without the lid is most likely okay, as long as you have the logo pointed toward you and a drink covering the logo so they cant easily read it. (Showing that it is a sippy brand) Lets say I brought this to my college....

    I would probably get hated on for the color, but it seems that the circles is kind of a design that can double up for adults....sort of like an abstract thing. I cant help but notice however, that it looks like that lid doesnt go with that cup, probably due to the color. I could be wrong however, so being the fact it is not a matching color, or a complimented color, you are bringing attention to which other color is darker, and thus the sippy cup top, which can immedietly result in concern.

    However, it is not all bad. I honestly think the abstract design without the lid is a lot more easier to go with if your around forgiving people. HOWEVER with the lid, (and no excuse that you spill often) looks like it may be a little tough. I would suggest carrying the sippy cup on you, and keep the lid in your room for you to quietly drink while going to bed or something. Only my suggestion.

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    I could use the excuse I want to drink out of a child's cup, but I don't think the nūby thing is too bad, at least it doesn't say something Babyish like "tommee, tippee" or "Disney baby" or something.

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    I have a butterflies one I am going for too. My dad knows that I go for being 6-8 years old when around him anyway, so the butterflies cup I could get away with the lid, the lid came with it already attached, I think the blue lid was deliberate in the design.

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    I am female so it would be ok

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    The colour

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    My auntie actually brought me a sippy cup as a joke once, she brought herself one too (we have has the littlespace conversation since, shes a little too, maybe more of a middle).. and my nan was very pleased because me and my auntie both spill EVERYTHING.. then when I went home my housemates and friends love it too! but I literally do spill EVERYTHING, once I took a sippy cup with a tommee tippee logo on to a metal gig and the band I was actually with loved it and everyone who I met at the gig loved it too, we had alcohol but no cups to put it in and it had to be in a cup, so I said "Oh I do have this" to my friend.. it was bright pink with cute pictures on!

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