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Thread: Diaper print designs that aren't too babyish?

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    Default Diaper print designs that aren't too babyish?

    I'm incontinent, and don't particularly enjoy the idea of being an adult baby, but I've gotten kind of tired of the standard plain nappies and plastic pants I wear, does anyone know of any printed diapers with designs that aren't too babyish?

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    Agecomfort (based in Canada) just came out with a printed adult diaper that has a non-babyish city print. From the website:

    Introducing FAB SENSE City Print Adult Briefs, exclusively at

    As the population in Canada continues to age, more and more Canadians are wearing undergarment protection. Over the past few years, we've been asked by our customers to offer a high quality absorbent brief in a fun & attractive print, an alternative to the standard white brief. While not for everyone, these high quality briefs offer heavy absorbency, high quality soft and breathable materials and a fun cityscape print.

    Features include

    Super Absorbent Cotton Core
    Plastic Backed Surface
    Refastenable Tapes for extended wear
    Double Leg Cuff Design
    Elastic Waistband
    Colourful and fun city print
    3,000 ml absorbency
    All Cases are shipped in plain discreet boxes

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    Hi Derek,

    Have you tried ABUs Space Diapers? To me they don't look particularly babyish but are fabulous and interesting.

    MyDiaper Pink don't look exactly babyish but are pretty full on (from the pictures I haven't seen them for real though their plain and original are incredible.)

    I have preordered some Super Boompa from eBay and can't wait for them to arrive... superhero'ish but have never seen or worn one.

    Really looking forward to Rearz Lil Squirtz. To me they don't look AB but not sure how you would view them.

    Those FAB Sense look pretty interesting amazingly.
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    Thanks guys, I'll try these out sometime (I especially like the look of the hero and space themed ones)

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    Rears Spoiled has colorful bare feet, those are more just playful. Princess Pink isn't specifically babyish, more girly. The SDK design has never struck me as too babyish, more kid-ish. And really the safari and crinklz are both just jungle characters. Only one character on the crinklz design is actually wearing a diaper, the rest are big kids

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    Try pulling off what they do on ABU.


    If you want something specific, mabey getting the plain white, with a Little bit of playful (But not to much) may give you the right sense of having a design without having to embarass yourself looking like a baby. There is also a few diapers out there, like the M4, which have lines. I also personally wore diapers that had lines as well from my local drugstore. Designer without the look that someone needs to give you a bottle.

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    I like the SDK because you can roll them up and dispose it without showing any of the designs. That way it won't be revealing at work trash can. If love to get the Space Diaper but I'll have to cover it with paper towels or something when I dispose them.

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    I am kind of worried people might be weirded out by me wearing print diapers, babyish or otherwise. A few people know I'm incontinent but I'm kind of worried if they saw me in print nappies they'd think I wear them because I enjoy it, which I really don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamiejamie View Post
    I like the SDK because you can roll them up and dispose it without showing any of the designs. That way it won't be revealing at work trash can. If love to get the Space Diaper but I'll have to cover it with paper towels or something when I dispose them.
    Yeah some of the diapers with the brightly colored shell art are difficult to dispose of discretely.

    Princess Pink, Safari, and Little Squirts show through white trash bags like they're not even covered.

    I originally preferred mainly all-white diapers. (bambino bianco being my favorite) but that was back in the day that a white shell was rare and nice prints were even more rare. Gradually getting into prints with the bambino teddy (which is all white except for very light art on the front tape panel) has allowed me to branch out and learn to like more fancy diapers. Now I like both, although the solid colored shell diapers (princes and squirts) are not on my "reorder" list. If my diaper's going to have ink on the shell, it needs to be art on a white background at least. (diapers are supposed to be white, right?)

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