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Thread: Bringing out a bit of little in public without throwing in people's faces

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    Default Bringing out a bit of little in public without throwing in people's faces

    I am thinking of bringing my Sippie cup with me in my bag and even downstairs though I am not sure how well I would be able to get away with this. For reference I will show my sippy cup

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    I was thinking of drinking out of it when I am on the bus or when I am going for a walk, as much as I know, it doesn't leak or come out of the spout.

    I was thinking of bringing my plushie in my bag and/or my pacifier. I am not sure how I can even use the pacifier descretly in public. But I could at least bring my cuddly with me and people would think I bought it from the shop.

    What little things do you take in public with you? I am not thinking of shoving it in people's face but try to get away with these things a bit more without freaking people out.

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    I am not sure if I could suck my thumb whilst in college descretly without anybody noticing. For instance with my hand covering my mouth slightly as if I was thinking if I was sitting down.

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    At my college, no one cares if you don your pjs to class or carry a plushie. If you blast music, however, there is of course is.

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    You can do all those things, but you must also bare the responsibility that using baby objects will carry. People will look at you and stare, and think that you are very strange. You've been concerned in the past that people walking by your house were laughing at you. If you drink from a sippy cup and use a pacifier in public, people may very well laugh at you, so you should expect that. If that's what you want, then go for it, but if not, I think you should leave your items in your room.

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    Any one of those thing could be explained away, but all of them at once will most definitely make people wonder and ask questions.

    Do you live on campus or at home? I ask because you said you would bring it down with you.

    The sippy cup could be explained away as you're simply clumsy, hate to spill your drinks & well you think its cute. Cause girls can get away with that, lol.
    Alternatives: a travel coffee mug. Basically an adult version of a sippy cup, lol.

    The pacifier. You use it to:
    Keep from biting your nails.
    Quitting smoking. (which won't work too well with friends/people who know you never did smoke)

    Your plushie. well again carrying one is something girls can get away with without to many questions asked.

    Just be prepared for people repeatedly asking why you have/use them, and of course the occasional (mostly harmless) laugh or snicker.

    I would say if you really wanted to carry & use all three I would do it in stages as it would let people get used to seeing one at a time.

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