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Thread: Sleeping + a little daytime wearing (diaper rash)

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    Question Sleeping + a little daytime wearing (diaper rash)

    Hi, Im a male, I usually wear an M4 to bed almost every night pretty much 5-6 nights a week, and I sometimes where them just during the day and night seldomly when i have the house to myself, and I always wet them cuz i enjoy it, and I don't change them right away, so I'll sleep in wet diaper or lounge around in a wet diaper I dont take it off until it leaks so I am in them 10-13 hours most nights I also like to keep my crotch area shaved clean, and I know i need to use a shaving cream and shave down but I'm not sure if it's diaper rash or if its ingrown hairs from shaving too much or just irritated from the combination of shaved skin in being in a moist envirment, I want to be able to continue to where diapers at night annd when ever I want with out having to worry about any rashes or ingrown hairs or irriations, Do you use baby powder? ointments? what do you reccomend I do also keep in mind I'd like to stick to natural and organic ingredients so no baby powder with talc in it or anything bad like that. So, my question is while still being able to shave clean and wear diapers when I want How do you prevent and treat irritated skin, diaper rashes and ingrown hairs or anything like that? Any help I could get is greatly appreiciated

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    I don't have any experience shaving clean, but I do trim everything fairly short. What little issue I've had with rashes, the zinc oxide cream seems to help things heal and prevent irritation. I've never used baby powder of any kind.

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