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    Default Vintage first impressions

    oops NOT preschool, this is for Rearz "Vintage Baby Dry Replica", there still appears to be no way to edit a subject, maybe a mod can fix it.

    Just got them in today. I ordered two bags of 10. The box they were in was a larger box broken down to the right size, and in that were two plastic shopping bags with 10 diapers each. (they DID say they don't have them in "retail packaging" yet, so this was fairly expected)

    OK first off... these were supposed to be a clothlike or hybrid diaper of some sort, or so I thought. They are neither. The shell is plastic, front and sides. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, I prefer it, but I could have sworn all the prior discussion on these were that they were a clothlike or hybrid. The liner inside the sides looks like it should do a respectable job of keeping the sides a little breathable.

    I haven't done much with them yet so this really is my "initial impressions", I'll probably have more details and pics this weekend. First off, the crotch is narrower. The initial look is very much like an SDKv2. Rearz's inspire and seduction are both thinner, and this looks to match that form factor. They're not a wide crotch like the safari. This is good for daytime wear.

    Leak guards are excellent, the front elastis is pretty good. Since diapers are made in a continuous run, they can pick where they cut to put the elastic on the front, back, or both. It looks like this run was set to "both". Although the rear LOOKS elastic and ribbed, it has much less spring to it than the front. This may be an interesting compromise, as it should help prevent sweating in back at least.

    The shell is entirely white and pretty soft to the touch. It's neither rigid nor hard. The front tape pattern is interesting... it's lightweight pastels of teddy bears (naked, not wearing a diaper), with a fair amount of white space between them. There's not a lot of variety in color or in characters. This overall combination does a very good job of creating a "vintage look". You know how you can always recognize old cartoons compared to new ones? That's what this does, it just gives you that subconscious "this is from back when I was a kid" impression.

    The padding is also unusual. It's somewhat thin, but very flexible and compressible. It's also lightweight. I believe these are fairly low sap. They're very similar to bambino teddy in many ways. Possibly slightly thinner padding. I'm expecting them to wick well but not lock away wetness well, and press-out may be an issue. It's the usual necessary trade between pulp and sap. But diapers 20 yrs ago didn't have sap, so there you go, all in with the vintage choice.

    There are four tapes, two on each side, the typical rearz ones. They stick realy well to the front panel but are movable. The height on the front tape panel seems to be a little short, so I wonder if the lower tapes are going to get me a good fit when stuck on the landing zone or if I'm going to have to position them a little below it.

    The combination of the shell look and feel and tape panel together do an excellent job of creating a "vintage pampers in adult size". I seriously think this is the best thing available right now if you're looking for a functional diaper you can wear comfortably that looks and feels pretty much exactly like you remember from your childhood.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod
    Did you get your subject wrong? D'oh! Seems like you're describing the Rearz Pampers replica diapers, not the ABU Preschool...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cottontail View Post
    Did you get your subject wrong? D'oh! Seems like you're describing the Rearz Pampers replica diapers, not the ABU Preschool...
    Been going stir crazy wondering about those Rearz Vintage Replicas.... Come back Bambinod and let us know!

    Rearz Replicas

    ABU Preschool
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    oops yes that's the "Vintage Baby Dry Replica". UBB still has no way to edit a subject so we're stuck with it unless a mod wants to fix it.

    Morning now. These functioned very much like a bambino, wicking is excellent, capacity is very good, low swell, diaper stays soft when wet instead of firming up as with high sap diapers. These remind me of a Teddy in many ways. The fit seems to be better though, and the tapes are certainly better than bambino, no risk of tape pops or stretch/tear as I have had happen on quite a few teddy. Also as with the medium sap teddy or the lil squirts these diapers get very loud when wet. Also as expected, the rear elastic was basically just there to maintain comfort (prevent skin sweat), as they provide no elastic. Front's doing well for that though so I'd say that's a good design. Visually there's very little change to these diapers when wet, your cargiver will clearly need to check you more often

    I really have nothing bad to say about these diapers, they work great, they look awesome. No wetness indicator. Although wet, they don't feel it, must have some sap in them, which was a bit of a surprise. I didn't push these very hard last night though so this may not last if they get more heavily used. Also the inner liner is pretty soft too. It's not quite to the level of the kitten, but close.

    I'll try another today and see how they perform "in the field". The thinner padding and narrower crotch may work out very well indeed for daytime. Will post another followup this evening.

    On my related doof, I see ABU has released some new onesie, "diapersuit" - I may get one of those and a few bags of (actual) preschools to check out / compare. It's great to see awesome new products coming out all the time for us. The ad says they aren't preshrunk, what's a good guess as to how much they will shrink? Somewhere between 10-20% I assume, but would be good to know more closely how much.

    And yes, argent, you really want to try these!

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    Thanks Bambinod!

    Understand they are supposed to have a very expensive type of SAP used in them which others are not using.

    They sound excellent from your intial experience and I can't wait to get some... Really wish they were 2 tape diapers though rather than 2 per side.

    Can you just clarify though understand not bagged but was it 12 per lot or 10?

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    Pics or it didn't happen...

    But seriously: thanks for the info. About the sap, I believe these are supposed to have a new type, but I think Argent might have already addressed this. I am both happy and disappointed that they come in two tapes per side.

    But seriously, though: pics or it didn't happen!

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    will try to get you some pics today. If they have sap, it doesn't swell much and does a good job of not turning the padding into a solid chunky mass like a lot of the high-sap diapers do. They don't feel damp on the skin when they're wet, so that supports the "it HAS sap" theory. I also didin't see any press-out. Maybe this is how the "special high quality sap" performs? Or it may also be due to having a good ratio of sap and pulp. *shrug*

    Also I would like to add, they are extraordinarily durable. Although I wear 24/7, I only use in the evening occasionally and most nights, so I'm often throwing out diapers that are dry but have just fallen apart for one reason or another. Leak guard elastic bands escape from the material and bite in to my skin / have to be cut, leak guards separate from the liner, padding breaks down and falls to the crotch in clumps, inner liner tears and gets fluff everywhere, tapes pop, pull off the back, or snap in two, shells tear or split, material stretches and loosens the fit up. I've seen quite a lot of what can happen to a diaper when worn for 8-10 hrs.

    These are holding up remarkably well. I just changed out of a soaked crinklz from last night into a diaper that I wore all day yesterday and evening. (still dry) This diaper is still in physically good shape. No failures, the tapes have pulled a very short distance forward on the back, and some of the padding has started to fall down to the crotch in the front. Other than that, doing well. Other diapers I have several of the above issues occurring by the time I get home from work, so this is a huge improvement. I think those diapers are intended to be changed a couple times during the day, and only designed to survive 3-4 hrs with activity. These vintage are apparently designed to last all day, which is what a DL is probsbly looking for. Great job, Rearz!

    I've gone ahead and ordered a "diapersuit" and some preschool to check out also. Gotta keep the new stuff rolling in right? (my storage closet is not so sure about that... I may be buying faster than wearing)

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    Don't forget to let us know if you only got 10 per bag rather than the 12 as per their site dude.

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    pictures as promised. Just a couple though. The Vintage are identical in every way to the Lil Squirts, with the exception of the shell color and art on the tape panel. One pic of the comparison with a Lil Squirts, and one closeup of the art. Yes I got 12 diapers per sack, size Large.

    The crotch is a bit wider than I was recalling, it's not narrow like the SDK. So that's one point to deduct for daily wear like to work/school. Also a bit loud, wore to work and it was difficult for me to ignore. And I wear 24/7 so it's not like I'm not used to a slight rustle from my diaper. But still, hands down, the best "diaper like I remember wearing as a toddler" diaper presently available. Quit trying to squeeze into or mod a pampers and just go with these.

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    oh, one other difference I somehow spaced off... four tapes instead of two. I realize single tapes can have a more "authentic" feel to them, but performance really suffers. IMHO these four tapes fit much better and and protect slightly better than the two on the Little Squirts.

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