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Thread: external catheters and diapers

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    Default external catheters and diapers

    Has anyone tried using an external catheter with a diaper?
    seems like a possible idea to minimize leaking when flooding.

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    I have not but have definitely thought about it. I could see taping the tube down the middle of the diaper and poking holes along it with a needle (before taping it in) so the fluid drains at several spots instead of just the end of the tube.

    External catheters won't carry the risk of UTI either.

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    And my question, would it be practical to use an external catheter pointing up with a short piece of tubing directing the flow back into the crotch of a diaper?

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    That might work ok, but you gotta be careful about the tube getting bent too much and cutting off the flow.

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    Sure, that's the whole idea that got me thinking about it. Convene makes some better looking silicone ones.
    Either this or we need to design a more sophisticated leak guard.

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    I've tried it before. There were problems with the top of the catheter folding over and kinking (the rubber condom bit, not the tube). Once that happens it either stops the flow suddenly midstream (not the most comfortable feeling in the world), or builds enough pressure that it just sort of slips off.

    Maybe if I'd run the tube up my belly, taped it there, then run it back down into the diaper it could have worked. But by that point I had none left and wasn't impressed enough with my earlier experiments to feel like ordering more.

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    I've done this with indwelling catheters for many, many years. And yes, i can say from personal experience that there is NO additional risk of infection with using an open catheter system- so long as you stay clean with it and change at least every 8 hours. It is the best, most relaxing, feeling to not even have to think about peeing. It's even better to check your diaper and be surprised at how wet you are. Also, diapers can absorb more when you pee slowly like this as they have more time to wick the pee to the back of the diaper.

    The others are right about the catheter kinking at the top though. Just direct the catheter towards the side some before redirecting it back down (really just a longer bend that wont kink).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    The others are right about the catheter kinking at the top though. Just direct the catheter towards the side some before redirecting it back down (really just a longer bend that wont kink).
    So is catheter tubing semi rigid? Will it hold a bend?

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    Yeah mostly. Some of the really cheap or extremely small diameter catheters might still have a problem with kinking. Most shouldn't have any problems with, say, a 2" diameter bend to them.

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    Searching the web I find several sources for condom catheters but very little on the tubing. Where do you buy tubing? Is there a standard size? Can one use the clear vinyl tubing sold by hardware and big box stores?

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