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Thread: How did you get back in to diapers?

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    Post How did you get back in to diapers?

    How did you get back into diapers? Some of us not by choice, Some of us just wanted to try wearing and wetting diapers for fun and ended up liking, for some of is its a fetish, What is your story? How did you get back into diapers? How did your parents find out and what did they say?

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    I had always had an infatuation with diapers since a very young age. It when I found a bag of depends at my grandmas house one summer when I was 13, that was when I finally got back into diapers.

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    I remember the day a little to well.

    I always drew baby characters or hanged out with kids significantly younger than me....but Age 16 was when I got back into diapers out of curiousity. The fire of embarassment and shock filled me so much that day.. I was working at one of my older jobs (Not to mention) and my boss called out break. I ran to my breakroom and grabbed my coat, and ran down the street, a good half mile, to the wallmart, and ran to the baby isle, and looked around quickly, probably looking a little suspicious doing so. I brought the diapers to the front, trying to avoid evrey passing person, and trying to laugh it off as they scanned them. They were depends, the grey pull on ones before they made the new kind, and I caught my breath as I started to walk back, already running low on time to get back to clock in. I looked down inside my bag and shakily opened the bag as I walked, keeping it hidden in the bag and taking a feild back to work, to avoid detection. I was sweating a lot, probably not because of my jacket but more because how nervous I was. I got to the bathroom to clean up, (Single room type, so no stalls to worry about, locked and blocked the door and pulled one on. I got used to it for a few seconds, pulled on my pants to check to make sure I was not detectable, and straightened up and tried to act natural as I brought it to the break room to put in my locker.

    I got back to work, later on cooling off, but feeling incredibly calmer, only eyes darting to make sure nobody was watching. I kept feeling like my crush kept looking at me, and I later on had to move to another section to make sure I didn't keep thinking that. The real trick now was to get evreything home.

    The next few days I started getting more baby stuff. Powders, small toys, oils, shampoos, things like that. All baby brand over at the dollar tree. Where....YES....LEGIT......Evreything was a dollar or less.

    Eventually my exploration went to the local CVS, a lot like the Ekards back when I was young. This allowed me to find my favorite diaper of all time, an INCREIDBLE absorbant night diaper for adults, theyre brand. It became a favorite and I felt more babyish than ever. Eventually my parents started to catch on.

    Due to the drama, and the severe panic attacks and memories, I refuse to go over the reaction here. It is known as possibly the most worse experience in my life.

    But I eventually went into the dreaded "Binge-purge cycle" and went on a 3 year babying strike, refusing to do anything ABDL based, but upon late last year, I found out something called ASMR, and found some epic point of view babying videos, and cried. I knew I wanted my baby side back, and after some convincing from a friend, I bought my first set of adult baby diapers, and got back to where I am now.

    ......The End.

    Not much of a good bedtime story for sure, but that is how it worked for me. Fear, excitement, and irrational decisions.

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    When I was 3 I noticed I preferred diapers. I had worn underpants to bed. When I woke up it was around 3am. I noticed I had a diaper on. Instead of confronting my parents I just enjoyed it.

    Then when I was 4 my brother (1 year younger) wore pullups. I locked myself in the bathroom and put one on. I got caught but my parents thought I was just mocking my brother.

    Then when I was 16 my younger sister (8 years younger) still wore goodnites to bed. I waited for a few months once she finally stopped. Then when my parents threw out the extras (in their box of course). I managed to get about 5 of them.

    That's pretty much it, I'm hoping soon I might be able to get some on my own (live with parents). Problem is I can't afford a car (insurance is nuts for an 18 year old) and I have no shipping adress that is private. So it's RIP for me right now.

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    I've been into diapers basically my whole life. When I was a kid I would take some of my baby brother's diapers and stuff them into my underwear, since they didn't fit me. I tried so many different things but nothing quite did it for me. One time last summer I ended up having an appt to myself for a few weeks, so I went to Walmart and bought some diapers. I brought my own grocery bag with me which was barely large enough to conceal them. I remember the lady gave me a consoling, "you're secret's safe with me" look as she rang them up. I didn't really care at that point because I wanted them so bad.

    Right now, my roommate is out of the country til the end of December, so I'm trying out diff things. I went to CVS and bought some of their store brand diapers, which were surprisingly comfortable. Then I tried some goodnites, but they don't quite fit me. I can barely squeeze into one. They hold me over until my Abena's arrive in a few days.

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    For me going back to wearing diapers was directly a result of a medical condition known as OBS and other factors including my disabilities but one of the biggest of which was I just needed somehow to get away from the adult world as I felt like I didn't fit in anymore so the only way to get away was to reconnect with my past by making the decision to return to wearing diapers because I didn't have a complete childhood because I was moving in and out of several countries with my pearents and didn't really settle down until I moved to Hong Kong in 1990-1999, & 2008-2010.

    For me the realisation came that because of my on-going disabilities that I was going to have to readjust my life to wearing diapers most if not all of the time in my remaing lifetime and at first simply getting my head around to this new reality wasn't easy as specially as I felt utterly humiliated and embarrassed about it although six years on it's probably proven to be the best decission which I have ever made because it means my life I so much better nowadays Tha it was back then.

    Cause you can read all about this in my blog if your interested but I urge you not to judge me because of the choices I have made.

    Yours sincerely


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    I've been into diapers pretty much my entire life. I know when I was younger I was a pain in the rear to get potty trained and I wasn't fully out of diapers until I was almost six years old. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I would think about wearing diapers again but for obvious reasons it never got beyond that. Then when I was fourteen I had a neighborhood friend who happened to have issues with controlling his bladder during the day and night. He had to wear Dry-Nites that his Mom bought for him. I heard rumors from other kids that he was a bedwetter and had to wear diapers. I was able to confirm this after his birthday party we had at Chucky Cheese. There was the box of Dry Nites under the bathroom sink and stupid me ended up taking his very last one to try. Well I went home to try it on and I was older and a little bigger than him because the Dry-Nite didn't fit and tore at the sides. I panicked and tore it up into little pieces and flushed it down the toilet (bad idea!) and luckily it didn't get clogged up. A few weeks later I ended up going to the nearby CVS and worked up the courage to buy Goodnites which had just came out maybe a year before? This was in 2000 and I was a freshman in high school. I was able to wear Goodnites in secret for awhile until my parents moved us out to the country side and the nearest store was maybe five miles away and I wasn't willing to go that far.

    To make a long story short I ended up lying to my parents that I wet the bed and wanted to try Goodnites even though I had already worn them before. I got what I wanted but with that also came trips to the doctor and psychologist. This went on until I moved to Alaska and nothing wrong could be found with me. I even convinced my Mom to buy me Depends and Attends which didn't leak like Goodnites on me. I was able to pull off the bedwetting fib until I reached adulthood and I eventually came clean to my parents letting them know the truth. They seemed indifferent about it but I guess understood why I did what I did to a certain extent. Now I buy my own diapers online and nothing more has been said.

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    Well I was a bedwetter until I was 7 or 8. I remember being diaper at night until I started 2nd grade. Nothing fancy - yellow no name diapers from the grocery store.

    I remember one day my sister and I were playing house. She's 3 years older than me. I think she might have had a friend over as well. Anyways I ended up being the "baby". We ended up going up to my room and getting a diaper from my closet- might have even been put on in the closet. I remember coming downstairs wearing just the diaper and a shirt. My mom as far from impressed and told me to go upstairs and take it off. I'm pretty sure this was the last bag of diapers I got.
    I also remember another time we were buying groceries. We were at the checkout and the cashier got to my diapers. I'm pretty sure she made a comment about them about who they were for. I remember quite proudly saying they were for me.
    Being a bedwetter before pullups hit the market I was in a taped diaper at night. I typically went to bed around 8 and was taken to pee at about 11 when my parents went to bed. I remember being awake enough at times to actually enjoy being diapered.

    At about 12 I developed an interest in diapers. I found some retro pampers (the ones that came in an orange box) and started sneaking them home. Around this time i also started sneaking pads from the bathroom and putting them in my underwear. i went to camp that summer and had left wet diapers under my bed without wrapping them so my room had quite the stink. My mom obviously smelled it and decided to clean my room while i was at camp. My used diapers were found and disposed of but nothing was said to me. We ended up moving shortly after and that was the end of diapers for awhile.
    After we moved and I got a job (was about 16) I went and bought a pack of the original GoodNites XL (dark blue bag). They fit and I wore multiple bags of those. I also remember buying a few bags of Depends fitted briefs from various pharmacies as I couldn't order online. When i finally was able to buy online I think my first order was Abena M3s or M4s.

    I'm not really an AB, just a DL, but I enjoy the printed diapers. My first ABDL diapers were SDK V1 (bought a whole case of them. Still have some left). They were pretty terrible for me, so i went back to Abenas. Since then I've had Snuggies and Littlepawz.

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    I became incontinent around 4/5 years ago due to untreated diabetes destroying my nerves around the muscles that control my bladder. I was told I would have to wear nappies or pads for the rest of my life or wear a leg bag which I wasn't willing to do. Wearing nappies soon became a way of life and now I am very much DL.

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    For me, back when I was really young, around five, a playmate of mine and I used to take a couple of his younger brother's diapers and wear them. Not sure why we did, but we did. Fast forward a week, and I got caught by my parents. I tried writing it off as probably belonging to one of my other friends who was still having night time issues. At about the age of six I became an uncle and as the youngest in my family, I was kinda booted from the spotlight of attention. Because my (former) brother was such a trouble maker, we often had to take care of his kid(s) [Had another kid one year later]. For the next two years I wore diapers in secret, fantasizing back to when I was the center of attention. For me I saw attention sorta like love. Eventually my brother left the family and his kids moved in with his wife. A couple years down the line and I became an uncle once again to my twin nieces, at this point, however, I was too big to try to sneak diapers and just decided to try to be a good uncle. At around the age of sixteen I started thinking of how I could get my hands on diapers, so I planned and waited for when I had a car. Ended up getting my first Certainty diapers at the age of eighteen, but they just didn't have the thickness I recalled, so I experimented with doubling up and such. During that winter, however, I was stricken with the flu and was losing control of my bowel movements. Trying to play it wisely, I tried remaining padded for the month to avoid incidents at my school or while sleeping, which saved my sheets. I eventually recovered from the flu, but was left with a similar condition to IBS-D, which still pesters me as I type this. Up to modern day, I have bought my first package of abdl premium diapers (tykables), and have so far enjoyed wearing them when possible.

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