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Thread: First time wearing to work

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    Default First time wearing to work

    Well due to me over sleeping I'm enjoying my first diapered work day. So far I'm loving it, but unsure how I could do it regularly with nowhere private to change. So how does everyone go about this in the work place?

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    1. wear and not wet
    2. wear with a guard/baby diaper booster and remove when wet
    3. change in your car
    4. wear, wet, and change when home

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    What do you mean nowhere private to change? Assuming there are restrooms with stalls, that's all you need. The only tricky part is getting the new diaper in without anyone seeing. I take my work laptop home with me, so usually have a laptop bag which works well for that.

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    When I used to work in an office, I would wear but keep dry until the end of the day or the drive home.

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    When I have to change in the office, I try to find a bathroom that doesn't have many people OR has a ton of people making a lot of noise to cover up. Another option is going down the street to a coffee shop, or lunch spot, and changing in their bathroom.

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    I have always just changed in the car. I smoked at the time and I would take a smoke break, step out to my car, and change my diaper. I do not smoke anymore but have been wearing diapers 24/7 for 3 months now. I wear a higher quality diaper that allows for more capacity with very little leaks. The real concern is how my clothes fit over my diaper.

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    I've worn to work sometimes in the past, but generally had the benefit of a single person restroom (and a sparsely-populated office) for mostly easy changes. I expect to go back to work in a few weeks and continue wearing 24/7, which I started in August. Not knowing the restroom situation, my plan for the first day or two is to slip out for lunch and use that opportunity to change. If there is ultimately no private restroom...well, then I'll just have to change anywhere. I wouldn't expect to hide it from coworkers over the long term anyway.

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    About 3-4 years ago I had a great job working in a restaurant and bar in my local village unfortunately last year I lost this job through no fault of my own because of the flooding in November-December 2015, when I had my job in happier days I used to work as a potwash/Kitchen porter and couldn't leave my post to go to the toilets all the time so I naturally started wearing adult sized diapers to work which worked out well until my boss found out and nearly fired me, fortunately enough for me he left his post to move onto another job abroad and my new boss was more sympathetic to the fact I had to wear them for my disabilities.

    My main problem with that wasn't trying to explain to my coworkers as they were always on the most part supportive of my situation but trying to explain to my pearents why I was wearing diapers to work in the first-place saddly though they never accepted the fact that I have to wear this form of protection just to stay dry no pun intended, anyway for 3 years I had a good time whilst getting a decent amount of money for my work although the hours were crazy at times and I didn't have days off on occasions due to the fact I was so busy bit hay-ho that's what they call welcome to the real-world literally.

    And if some day soon I got a new job the first thing I would explain to my new boss/employer would be the fact that I have to wear diapers for my own protection from having any embarrassing accidents or something else along those lines as I would point out the fact that I have disabilities and neurological damage to my body due to my past historical episodes of epilepsy.

    Yours sincerely


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    I couldn't wear to work. I work with kids, and I have to bend over a lot. Those kids are pretty observant. Eventually one of them would notice. Besides there would be no way for me to change without bringing my backpack to the bathroom with me or something. Someone would notice something suspicious about that. It wouldn't work for me.

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    I have worn to work for many years with no problems. The first job I wore at had a single stall bathroom with locking door so no problems changing there. The job that I have now only has a portable toilet so it's a little trickier but I still manage.

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