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Thread: How do I stop swearing?

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    Default How do I stop swearing?

    I hate swearing with a passion, It sounds disgusting and a little girl shouldn't swear.

    The thing is my family that I grew up around swore and used vulgar language. My college is full of idiots that swear their heads off and I am actually picking it up and it's making me swear and I don't want to swear !

    How can I stop it for once and for all?

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    Use substitutes.

    Damn = Dash
    Fucking = Friendly / flipping / flaming
    Shit = shoot / sugar
    C*nt = crikey / silly billy

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    Hey that sounds better than the swear words. Though I gotta make sure I don't sound silly

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    I actually swear way to much as well. Sometimes it just "drops". To help stop this, perhaps a small reward system for not swearing is in the cards? Plus, this will help feed your little girl side.

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    You can defuzes it make up a specail word mabey a funny one use that one for your swearing word not only will it defuze the stress but also change it into some thing to change the mood.
    Oh purple glue or fiddle sticks.

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    ugh swearing may be frowned upon by some people. How ever I use it because its just part of my vocab. As long as I am not using it in a negative way I see it as being fine. As long as you are not in a house with kids or by other peoples kids. How ever in stores and stuff its free reign for me. My dad is the same way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlissexy View Post
    Use substitutes.

    Damn = Dash
    What?! "Damn" isn't a swearword! :-D

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    Ho Beep!

    And Beep. The Beep. As it is al load of Beeping Beep.

    There glad I got that off my chest.

    Hee, hee

    When i in full Little head space I don't say much. And I really have to think what I need to say and who or it comes out all wrong. Pluss remembering my please and thank yous helps because nobody likes Mr rudey pants.

    Pluss you can get further with people when you are polite.

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    I think this comes down to practice...practice...practice and trying not to listen to it in the first place.

    I seem to remember reading that you stated previously that you have turned off the TV or switch channels when you heard too many bad words, so you are on the right track.

    Of course, this isn't always possible. I attended boot camp for 8 weeks or so and the Drill Sergeants swear like there was no tomorrow. I do swear but not like that.

    Basically: avoid where possible and try to tune-out if you can't avoid.

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