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    Oh, gosh I had some crazy hallucneations the last week, not only just visual, but also audio.

    Only thing I can think of that could be triggering them, is SODA? but biploar also runs in my family, and that's often a symptom of bipolar I think.

    I've been drinking more soda than usual lately, I've been getting hell exaushed and sleeping like 10-15 hours a night, I can so tired I can't do anything.

    Diabetes also runs in my family so I'm worried it could be that, I don't know I'm kind of worried.

    Always happens later on during the day. I also get muscle cramps, all over muscle spasms, and headaches during the day.

    I'm also thinking it could be coffee, I've had like 1280 mgs of caffeine in the last 24 hours xD I should add, I sometimes get tingling on the top of my hand, fingers and arms. but maybe it's not the caffeine, I've had hallucinations even when drinking 2 cups of coffee a day.
    I also, seem to have high energy levels, irritability sometimes, creativity, and seem to be fully of energy a lot, until I develop into sadness, which lasts a while.

    I have these mood swings which I could describe as "a high" and a low

    Someday I will have so much energy I can do anything, I'm creative as hell, I believe I can do anything, can stay up for days.
    Everything is going great I love life. my hallucinations seem to stem from this mood. I get no panic attacks. I also get a very high sex drive in this mood.

    Depressed, suicidal, feel like people are out to get me, feel like no one likes me, has no energy sleep all day, can't do anything.
    I have constant panic attacks in this mood.

    A couple of years ago, these mood swings were mild, but nowadays there very strong, I get hell aggressive.

    Seems like coffee, and lack of sleep sometimes trigger my "high" mood.
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    I will be honored to step forward with a bit of comfort for you. Not only can I relate, but I have some information that might be able to help you.

    I have diabetes that runs in my family as well. HALLUCINATIONS ARE NOT A SYMPTOM.

    SYMPTOMS:•Frequent urination•Excessive thirst•Increased hunger•Weight loss•Tiredness•Lack of interest and concentration•A tingling sensation or numbness in the hands or feet
    Just because it is a symptom does not mean you have it. I suggest going to the clinic to get a proper test done, but don't freak out just yet. I notice that you mentioned about tingling on your hands, HOWEVER, I may want to point out that you may have a caffine sensativity.

    Even if you used to be good with caffine, you may actually grow sensative to it. I used to drink energy drinks evrey single day, I would be boosted so much where I was starting to get what people called "Out of control" or "Inhumanly efficient". I started to shake, feel a buzzing in my chest and top of my head, and my focus was completly unstable. When I would go home, I would sometimes see things, try to lay down, and have VERY vivid "lucid dreams", and then like you mentioned, drop suddenly, and feel useless, hurt, but I could write poetry and stories with all the creativity I had.

    I have been now 1 entire year without an energy drink, and I layed off on sodas (Except a few light ones despite some dental problems) and the difference is incredible, however lately I feel like I am on the low almost all the time. I retested this matter last year after going on a no-energy-drink-rule and I felt so cleared up, but when I dropped, it was VERY extreme, and waking up the next day I felt weak all over.

    If you take medicines, caffine can increase some side effects expedentially. You may want to take a look at those if you do.

    Hope that helped a little bit

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    If you're having hallucinations that could mean you have an underlying Mental Illness. I'd advise you see a professional as soon as you can

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    Hallucinations could be caused by a variety of medical conditions, hormone imbalance, thyroid, and the list goes on. See a doctor. They can tell a lot just from taking a blood sample.

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    It sounds bit like bipolar/manic depression to me. I dont know if bipolar includes also hallusinations but maybe it could be good idea to go to see a doctor. Medical professionals probably can tell better whats wrong and if its just caffeine or something else. Maybe you could try to go without caffeine for a week and see what happens. Any case, seeing a doctor would be the best thing.

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    That's a lot of caffeine to have in a day -- the equivalent of about 14 cups of coffee! Fizzy drinks also have a heck of a lot of sugar in them. A 330ml can of Coke contains 39% of your recommended daily sugar intake!

    Having high energy levels then crashing, headaches, irritability, mood swings can all be related to high caffeine and sugar intakes. If you have any kind of predisposition to mental health problems, then that's probably going to exacerbate them.

    But yeah... hallucinations should probably be checked out by a qualified GP.

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    When my anxiety gets very bad, I can have hallucinations where my fears become real like last week when I found out my sun roof was leaking and I wouldn't be able to take it in until this week, I was feeling water drops dripping on me while I was in my car driving and there was no water drops above me because I looked and felt the headboard and it was only the sides that were wet. So only my hallucinations are related to my fears, I don't get unrelated hallucinations.

    I asked about this on an anxiety forum and got no responses from others about it except one person so I think this is just my special anxiety thing and my anxiety is unusual which is why I often have a hard time relating to other people who also have anxiety disorders because theirs is different from mine and they are affected differently by theirs than I am. they all get anxiety about stuff I don't get anxiety about or they get psychical symptoms and I just can't relate. I don't think there is such thing as textbook anxiety. It's impossible to describe it and have it fit someone because it's different in everyone who has it.

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    Hypothetical: Vitamin and mineral deficiencies . Check out a good B vitamin. Allergies. Overgrowth of yeast or other pathogen. Look out for things that lower bacteria and fungus (coconut oil etc), E numbers and additives. Purify the diet and make it natural maybe?

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