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Thread: Windows 98

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    Smile Windows 98

    Here is a little bit of retro for you. I still work on my Windows 98 sometimes, and I often find myself spending some weekends playing Supersolvers and making old MIDI's. Yes. This is original hardware and original disk, and is LEGIT, (Stickers and all) not some of this 'lame' virtual machine stuff.

    Anybody else having fun on the old Windows 98?

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    still have all the discs 95, 98, xp etc.. love the weezer video on 95

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    Still have a functioning 98 machine. Keep it around in case I need the DOS function for something.

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    I have a Win 95c machine myself. I keep it for playing old dos and early windows games. Most of those old games have hardware/memory detection built into the installers so they wont run on a modern machine with a windows emulator.

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    Yeah I got XP, 98 and trying to get 3.11 working, but since it was a 16 bit op, looks like my hardware cant backtrack. I keep getting an error from the original 3.11 saying it is not a system disk. I seen this error before, so I tried to downgrade my dos to avoid this, and the same error. Weird. Anyway, glad to see that I am not alone!

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    Ahhh... I loved Windows 98 at the time. I knew it inside-out. It was so much more reliable than Win95, and you could hack it to do whatever you wanted... which was great when businesses had "locked down" Win98 machines and you could just run a bootdisk, tweak the registry, and undo all the restrictions.

    I remember using a program called 98Lite to hack the installation process and get a really lightweight installation.

    But Win98 was so unstable. XP was much better.

    And DOSBox means that you run DOS programs on XP and later:

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    I still have one computer dedicated to all versions going back to 3.11, that's alot of freaking hardware , and even people with that hardware usually got rid of the monitors , I still have my 21 inch CRT just in case ,some of those 486 machines are in very high demand for repeater controllers and Moto repurposing, they get harder and harder to find in serviceable condition.

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    First computer I ever used was a Windows 98 Packard Bell which we got in the spring of 1999. I remember when my mom or dad would break out the dial-up modem and I would hear get to hear the dial-up noise. We got rid of that computer in the spring of 2007. Also, most of the computers I used in my first few years of elementary school had Windows 98 on them. Now I have multiple 98 and 98SE virtual machines on my Windows 10 host.

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    Quote Originally Posted by handsomestallion View Post
    First computer I ever used was a Windows 98 Packard Bell
    Ahhhhh....Packard Bell....Brings back the memories I tell you. A shame that computer had to go. Back in my elementary school I recall everyone gathering to watch the Windows 98 Plus! "underwater" screensaver. Good times.
    I tried the virtual machine once for it, it just didnt cut it. I knew I wanted the clicky keys and the hardware grinds. :P

    Thus, I got my own Windows 98. (SE to be exact)

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    You guys make me feel so old.

    The first computer I used was a BBC Micro. It had an impressive 2 MHz processor and 16 KB of memory. But what impressed me most was that it had a "backspace" button so you could undo any typing mistakes. (I was easily impressed when I was six.)

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