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Thread: Should I just wear a diaper under my clothes

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    Default Should I just wear a diaper under my clothes

    I was wondering because I have pampers baby dry and sometimes drynites if I could wear them under my pants and get away with it.

    I don't think the pampers crinkle that much but then again I have a mild hearing loss. I know drynites crinkle louder but I am wondering if I could make it work.

    I want to do this because I find it's little to do this and then I can not use my big girl panties that I wear over the diaper but am I being too cautious?

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    When I wear out, I typically do so in just the diaper (under my pants still) and no normal underwear. The only time I wear underwear over is if I think I'll be out long enough to need a change and won't have one; the underwear means I don't have to go commando after changing.

    I use actual adult diapers though (medical and abdl ones). I'm not sure how it being an actual baby diaper might change that. I imagine they don't hold nearly as much.

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    I wear booster incontience pads in them so they hold 2 wettings and what do you mean "you don'5 have to go commando after a change"?

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    If you don't think the noise is an issue...wouldn't be a big deal...

    Many people wear underwear over them for sound control and keeps diaper from sagging...but pants can do the same...

    Commando is going without any underwear...usually a guy term

    Anyhow, I doubt anyone would notice, as long as it's not showing, and most won't think of a diaper even if it is heard...

    Put some plastic wrapped candies in your pocket, if someone notices a crinkle noise, give them one...

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    Nobody ever notices. Even when its completely obvious and extremely loud (to you), others around you usually won't even pick up on it, let alone realize its a diaper and not just something in your pocket.

    I once had a physical therapist working on my knees, right there next to me, with lots of bending, squats, etc. I had on just a diaper (a thick and loud confidry), a onesie, and gym shorts. She had no idea I had on a diaper until she wanted to lift my shirt to place an electrode (for electro stimulation). I told her I couldn't because I was wearing a onesie. She asked why so I told her it prevents my shirt from becoming untucked and letting others see my diaper. I though she had already figured it out, but was surprised I was, and hadn't realize it in spite of the loud crinkle.

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    I just had my diaper on under my pajama bottoms and nobody noticed but the TV was on

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    Your on the right track. Putting the baby diaper in the panties is actually helpful. Not only does this dampen the sound, but it actually helps keep the diaper in place if the tabs come loose. I used to have a job where i would stand in one place the whole day, and this method is great for that. But do you bike or run, or move frequently? You do NOT want an experience where a baby diaper falls out from your pant leg.....and trust me. I nearly had that happen one time. So does it STOP the crinkle? No. It does not. But it does dampen it, and this helps tremendously even more if you are wearing thick pants or blue jeans. If you try that method with soft slacks, you will get a more noticable crinkle, which is what you seemingly are trying to avoid. Baggy pants also help throw off shape, until you sit down however. Somebody could notice your padded a lot easier that way. This is why I always cover with a blanket when watching Babyfirst Nighttime, plus it is more comfortable.

    Hope this helped!

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    I live in an urban area, mostly the traffic noise is loder than the crinkle of my diapers. I wear abenas and seni diapers.

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    I notice the crinkle when my friend is wearing a diaper under her clothes but I doubt anyone but another ABDL would. These are typically plastic backed diapers. The real danger is having your pants slip low or your shirt ride up.

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    I wear a nappy under my clothes all the time no one has ever commented. I don't worry about being noticed.

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