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Thread: BABIES Act

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    Default BABIES Act

    Read about this on the editorial page of my Dallas Morning News today. They gave it a thumbs up.
    Pres Obama signed it into law which requires baby changing stations to be installed in all men's
    restrooms. It is required in all federal buildings, including Post Offices and Social Security Offices.
    More of our tax dollars at work.

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    I approve personally.
    It's often the mothers who change the babies but dad puts in work sometimes too! Even if not as often, there are still single dads out there.
    And they're not unbelievably expensive coming in at about $130-$250 + labor approx to mount it.
    (source: Amazon. I'm sure it's cheaper when bought in bulk or from the manufacturer)

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    I think it makes sense. I'm going to be a stay at home dad for our little one, as my wife is studying. I wouldn't be a fan of changing her on the toilet floor!

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    I thought this was already the law but apparently not. Now they just need to add more family bathrooms and places where adults can more easily change diapers.

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    I'd like to know how much time was spent on coming up with the full name (Bathrooms Accessible in Every Situation Act), just so it would abbreviate to BABIES.

    That said, it seems like a good thing. Having changing tables only in female restrooms reflects the out-dated idea that moms primarily take care of kids, not dads.

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    Yeah... but who actually uses those things anyway? Ew. When our kids were babies, the subject came up a few times in our circle of parent-friends, and the opinion seemed universal: "Lay my baby down on a seldom-cleaned changing table in a public restroom? Hell no!"

    I never wished for one of those things in a men's restroom. If I needed to change one of our kids when we were out, I went back to the car. Not just because I believed it to be more sanitary, but also because, as a man, I tended not to be carrying around a purse full of diapers and wipes. Those things generally stayed in the car. Dad's don't let dad-friends carry man-purses!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marting View Post
    I think it makes sense. I'm going to be a stay at home dad for our little one, as my wife is studying. I wouldn't be a fan of changing her on the toilet floor!
    I could promise to try to be nice, though would certainly go back on my word before concluding this post.

    At my current age (read my SO's also) the delightful news of "a bun in the oven" ic confined to the pages of history, thank fuck. would kill me to go through all that again. This self professed truth I suspect is also shared with the OP, if I read correctly.

    The issue I had was both my children were girls, at a couple of years apart. I was also a lone provider at that time. While it may have been appropriate to change the younger one's diaper in the mens facility up to say eighteen months, the problem was the older sibling. At three and a half, she was way to young to be left outside alone, yet getting too old to be in the gents with possible view to the urinals.

    With the graphics to one side, do you really think the change table in the gents is any real attempt to tackle the problem. For my part, I'd happily allege the signee is a smug self satisfied gormless twat, lacking in any cognitive function. As rough as that sounds, lone parents occupy the lower levels of the social pecking order, and even then lone fathers often do not get a look in.

    IE. I worked under the direction of a community policeman. My youngest in junior infants suffered her fifth beating in a six week period, when approached he could offer no assistance whatsoever.

    The other two community police were on the board of managment as too the female principle, the bottom line from that trip was, love it or lump it, fuck all you can do about it. In the immediate aftermath I withdrew both girls from that school.

    The two police boys happened upon me in my place of employment approx, two months later and upon recognition, I offered both the paras terms of engagment, no prisoners. For as much as I tried, the two cowards simply stood there. Though in fairness they later did note a complaint to my boss, for what that was worth under the circumstances. That was the end of the matter for me.

    The school principle was the recipient of a physical assault one year later, to my shame that truly was nothing to do with me or mine. In contrast to her pupils she got her complaint professionally dealt with, unfortunately.

    My seemingly off topic post, is anything but, matter of fact it has remained totally on point. It highlights that the legislation as it stands reinforces discrimination against the most vunerable sub group of those most marginalised. The criminal discrimination is already apparent in the professions charged with responsibility for child welfare. If you've read through to this point, I'll thank you for your time and effort.

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    Federal gov't has no authority in these matters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchtopK View Post
    Federal gov't has no authority in these matters.
    The law only applies to federal buildings owned or financed by the government and so it would be within their jurisdiction to impose the changes.

    I think the 'change' is long overdue and ensures that public buildings are accessible and family-friendly, in much the same way as buildings are required to be accessible to people with disabilities. I don't think the costs would be significant, however the bill also allows exemptions where it would be deemed cost-prohibitive to make the modifications.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchtopK View Post
    Federal gov't has no authority in these matters.
    Based on what theory/premise?

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