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Thread: Kids clothes up to 16 years (continuing the onesie thread)

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    Red face Kids clothes up to 16 years (continuing the onesie thread)

    So, since M&S now have bodysuits made for up for 16 years, even in pink now! I decided to look at the rest of their range.. since the bodysuits fit.. I think the other clothes will too!

    They have dinosaur pajamas

    Disney princess ones, hello kitty, etc etc.. So, has anyone tried any of the other clothes too?

    I fit into 11 years and upwards clothing anyway but it may be helpful for others!

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    Hummm. Yeah but they don't fit me my body to dig. No fair!

    Like the pyjamas though.

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    I can fit into most of my old Jr High school clothes. They were around 12-14. I never really got much bigger after than.

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    I will proberly fit into 15+ but I am medium sized I am a UK size 8-10

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    I have a lot of there 15/16 yr sizes, PJ's onesies and knickers and they fit me ok and I'm not that small anymore

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    Ive not tried any of their other lines since I never did think to look at them for onesies to begin with, but I do have some other kids size clothing that I have picked up over time most of which are 16+ in size depending on the manufacturer.

    I have a pair of flapjacks from Lazy One that fit surprisingly well. I honestly found them at a second hand store with all of the original tags still on them and picked them up on a whim thinking they wouldn't fit. At the same time I found a pair of Joe Boxer pajamas with all the tags still on them. I think that week someones backlog of holiday gifts that didn't fit were cleared out. My only complaint about the Joe Boxer ones is the shirt. It seems to have shrunk more then the pants and is just a little too short.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleBelle View Post
    So, has anyone tried any of the other clothes too?
    oh, ya!
    Marks n Sparks have always been known for their quality and good sizing and have always been sought after as second-hand or hand-me-downs. i had the hand-me-downs, from a neighbour, mostly for school uniform.
    a few years ago, M&S were one of the first to increase their kids' sizes in line with kids being fatter and taller, nowadays. Littlewoods' stuff also used to be well-sized (are they still going?).

    not bought owt from there for years, but i guess i'd fit in them.

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