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Thread: I've got some diapers that I want rid of.

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    Default I've got some diapers that I want rid of.

    Hey all...

    I've got a couple of un-opened packs of Kendall Wings diapers left at home (size medium). They're decent... definately better than Depends or a store-brand... but I want them gone so I have room for something else.

    They have 3 tapes per side... and a little yellow wetness indicator... they come in unmarked clear plastic bags. To get them you have to order a whole case... which I did... but now I've got too many.

    Does anyone want them? I can put them in a plain brown box and ship them to you for free. Within the US only ofcourse.

    Just let me know.

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    DIAPERS FOR FREEEE!!!! That's a great chance not to miss for all the American ADISCers...

    This makes me think that I'm quite in the same situation as you, since I've got many diapers I bought just for giving them a try and found out I prefer other brands - not that they're bad brands, quite the opposite, but of course everyone has a differently shaped body and tends to be more comfortable with one brand instead of another.

    Thus, I hereby candidate to become the official free-diaper provider for the first ADISC european meeting - if there'll ever be one . After all in my introduction I said

    Quote Originally Posted by quattrus View Post
    FREE DIAPERS FOR EVERYONE.... and let's get the party started!

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    Wait are you serious?! If you are then I'd be totally happy to take them off your hands for you!!

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    I think I've got 2 packs left... if I do I'll split them between the two of you... PM me your addresses...

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    I'll take some,
    If you don't mind.
    If you already gave them away, don't worry about it then.
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    you are in luck Hexaod... I have 3 packs left... so you'll get one too... just need your addy...

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    sadly... no... just had those 3... sorry...

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    Aww man I wanted to try them would anyone be willing to split a pack with me?

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