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Thread: Love being in diapers and want to be in them all the time but...

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    Default Love being in diapers and want to be in them all the time but...

    I think pooing in them is really gross and I cant really wear them all the time bc yknow humans need to do that ugh I just wish I could be in them 24/7 yknow

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    *ssssslllllooooowwwww nnnnnoooooddddd*

    But actually, no. I'm definitely not the 24x7 type. The kind of excitement I enjoy getting from diapers is not the kind that benefits from extended-duration wear. On the contrary, in fact; the more often I wear, the less interested I become. Moderation is important.

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    You're in underwear and you pull that down all the time to poop but you don't treat that as being not in underwear, I imagine.

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    Wear diapers all the time! When you gotta poop, untape one leg and pull it down, take care of business, pull it back up and tape it up. Make sure you get diapers with good refastenable tapes!

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    I used to think like you. But in the past year I've really grown to enjoy no. 2. Of course the smell prevents doing so publicly for long at least. And the clean-up can be bad if you sit in it. But typically I shower after a diaper anyway so that helps. I only really wish it were easier to fully empty my bowels but in a diaper it tends to be hard to impossible to get that last bit.

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    I'm glad I'll never have to face this problem. As a fan of messing, I'd have no problem going 24/7 if I were to overcome the other more general problems

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    I have a weird body shape so I can usually shimmy down whatever I'm wearing.

    I enjoy wearing them, not even using for #1 sometimes!

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