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Thread: diaper pails

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    Default diaper pails

    ok as i have said in the past my mom knows but i still hide it and with my soon to be stepdad not knowin i still hide my stuff. now back to the point do you use, have, or want a diaper pail. i use a empty windfresh laundry soap bucket. and use trash bags. and its in my closet. it works real well till i can empty it.

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    yeah I do want to get one it would be great to have in my closet lol cause no one goes in there XD be cool also cause some diaper pails have odor eating magnet thingys lol

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    My mom, who is a microbiologist and professor for a university, thought in her younger days that it would be funny if for a diaper pail, she would use an old biohazard disposal bucket. It's still got the caution stickers on it to this day (Of course, now it's used as a regular garbage can).

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    I've been using a large kitchen trash can with a lid for my diaper pail. You know, the 13 gallon size, maybe 3 feet tall or so. I need one that big because I use cloth diapers, and I've got a load to do in the laundry every day.

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    I use the Diaper Genie II Elite Advanced Disposal System mommy and daddy bought it for me becuase wear 24/7 it keep room smelling nice .

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    No. When I use a diaper, I put it in a grocery bag and go and toss it out.
    The thought of a used diaper sitting in my room for any period of time seriously grosses me out.

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    When I was growing up at home Mom and all 4 of us daughters wore gauze diapers at night and sometimes during the day. At least one load of diapers was washed every afternoon. All those wet diapers went into a large kitchen trash container to which my Dad attached a plastic box inside the lid. It had holes and held several diaper pail deodorizer blocks.

    When I moved to dorms and was only wearing Attends I put each as I changed into a plastic bag and tied it shut before tossing it into the trash chute. After graduation I lived in apartments for several years and did the same thing.

    Once I fell in love with Don Davis I could use his washing machine when I wanted, meaning I could return to pinned gauze diapers at night. Together we bought a Fisher-Price foot operated nursery pail, which I decorated using stickers. A photo of that pail is attached.
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    I have true diaper pail, meaning one for adults/kids who are incontinent. It's white with a blue lid, about 3ft tall. I empty it about twice a week, and put a good shot of lysol in it every other day.

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    I've used lot's of different diaper disposal methods. For about 8 years now, I've been using a full-size diaper pail I got from ACD (adult cloth diaper). I fill it with water and vinegar. I put all my night-time cloth diapers in and let them soak until I wash them about every four days. It's in the garage near the washing machine and it's gets very heavy. My disposables I just toss in the regular garbage can.

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