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Thread: domain names.

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    Default domain names.

    I own a couple high value domains, I didn't realize until today, when I decided to sell them on sedo, that price I had on namecheap was a "steal"

    Turns out, one of my one word domains is actually worth $9000, a second one word domain is worth $3000

    I also have 14 which are worth roughly $400-$500.

    I'm sitting on a fucking gold mine,

    I guess I sit back and see what happens. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by MommyandMattling View Post
    do we get to know what the names are?
    Not yet, but I'll remember to remind you

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    I have one I keep getting offers on but I am using it (another single word). It was actually one our company used back when people hardly heard of the internet. Eventually we were bought out and they dropped the name but I was still listed as the contact on it since I was the one who registered it initially. Finally the corporate IT departement said they weren't going to pay for it anymore, so since it was in my name, I just kept paying for it.

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    If its a short domain name and .com it could be worth more than that. I could easily get like 30-50k with my domain and the traffic it gets. But it's my for my business so I can't sell it.

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    it is really a good deal. kindly share the names once the deal is fixed

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