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    I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but when I regress I'm terribly afraid of the dark. It gets a lot worse if I watch a horror movie or play a horror game. One night I was so freaked out I didn't get a good night sleep for a week. I was wondering if anyone has a way to beat this.

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    Night lights, and checking doors and windows to make sure closed securely. Besides that idk. I can be scared of the dark, especially in large areas like a basement or home alone. But if I'm in my room with door closed I'm normally fine + there is my blanky and pooh bear plushie. And paci if i need it.

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    Even without regressing I'm afraid of the dark ;-;

    Forget about scary movies! If I watch one of those I feel like I have to sleep with 1 eye open.
    No idea how to beat it, but I sympathize.

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    I just don't watch horror films, I got a nightmare from playing a horror game so that beat that. I have to sleep in the dark so I was never scared of the dark but noises in the night get me the most!

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    I love the dark, well, I am more fearful as to what I will find in the dark, not the dark itself. I love horror movies and games, but I feel that I was able to teach myself not to be afraid of the dark because I used to be, but there came a time when I was ready to get over that fear. Still hate bugs though, and I have gotten better with heights. I hate bugs so much though!

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    Maybe you're sensitive to "things that go bump in the night". I was when I was younger, but now that I'm much older, I'm not, probably because I'll be joining the spirits in a few years. Maybe when regressing, you're triggering past feeling from when you were little, in which case there may be nothing you can do about it other than not to regress.

    There are other ways to think about it though. You know your house or apartment. In the dark, you have the edge, not an intruder. Of course if it's something spiritual, it would not be hindered by the dark. I like horror movies and the dark, so I'm weird I guess. As you probably know, I write scary stories, so that's where I live. Sometimes you just have to embrace your fears. When I was a kid I was terrified by the dark, but I've learned to embrace my fears and enjoy them. But I'm no longer visited by those fears or the things that go bump.

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    Most fears like this occur because one day a person feels uncomfortable about something and avoids it in response. They do this repeatedly and every time they run the fear gets worse and thus trains the phobia. The best treatment for phobias is gradual exposure. Start with a situation that makes you a little uncomfortable and stay until the anxiety passes. If you leave before calming down you reinforce the fear. Yet ultimately that fear is harmless even though unpleasant. Try sitting in a dark room during the day for a while etc.

    Do this activity once everyday till it becomes boring. One cant be bored and terrified simultaneously. Of course its worth noting if this behavior corresponds, or begins, with a particular life event. Talking through that would be good then while doing the cbt excersise when at home.

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    well there not made for little children like you they are for adults

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    I must be a crazy little then, because even when I'm little (age 2) I will just laugh at the scary games and movies, daddy puts them on expecting me to be scared (daddy's 18 year old brother got really scared) but I just laugh like a crazy person.. oopsie

    UPDATE: Unless its clowns! I am terrified of clowns! and snakes! and spiders! and balloons! and birds!

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