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    Hi there! I'm a DL who loves diapers. I don't really know how it all started but one day I realized I liked diapers and the rest is history. I really haven't worn much but I just ordered my first (well second if you read my thread)

    I have just two questions.

    1. Why do I like diapers?
    2. Are ABU simple diapers any good?

    Thank you! -R

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    Quote Originally Posted by DLrvg View Post
    1. Why do I like diapers?
    I have no idea. If you look through the threads on ASDIC, you will find many people guessing (some are quite convinced) but many people unsure or having no idea.

    In your case, you haven't given us enough information about you to guess.

    And - does it really matter?

    For me - I have no idea and that doesn't bother me.

    Quote Originally Posted by DLrvg View Post
    2. Are ABU simple diapers any good?
    All diapers from ABU are very good.

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    Ok. Thank you for the answers! I guess when I was younger I never wanted out of diapers and was a bed wetter. Is that maybe the reason?

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    Could be the biggest reason you like diapers . I know the reason why I like diapers I was and still am a bedwetter.

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    Bed wetting starting at 5 and being put back in cloth diapers and plastic panties, every night for 3-4 years did it for me. But I was always fascinated with baby stuff even before that. Interestingly I am not into AB very much.

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