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Thread: Who knows?

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    Default Who knows?

    Does anyone have a friend or anyone who knows about your secret? I have my friend named Dezzi to whom I've shared this secret with. She's as cool as can be about it, she literally does not care.

    I first remember telling her when I had invited her over one night just to hang out, I was diapered the whole time but just sitting there in my room wearing this diaper under these sweatpants wasn't really feeling enough because I knew Dezzi would keep the secret yet still be cool about it. I told her it was getting hot in here, asked her if it's cool if I take my pants off, and then pulled my sweatpants right down.

    She immediately noticed I was in a diaper. I asked her if she liked it hah, looking back that's funny that I would just immediately ask that at my first exposure. She just kind of looked at me with an eyebrow raised so I began to explain to her, told her it's nothing serious or a problem, just something about me that I didn't feel like hiding from her anymore. She literally shrugged it off by saying "I guess it's no different from wearing a swim suit or just a bunch of underwear at once".

    So every time I hang out with Dezzi, my diaper is on, showing, and wet by the end of the night. I'm so happy I have someone that knows my secret, does anyone else have someone they've shared this experience with?

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    Yeah, plenty of em. There are lots of babyfurs in the furry fandom and most furries are tolerant of us babies

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    Everyone reading this knows I wear!

    In the physical world, only my wife knows. I told her before we got married; best decision I ever made regarding my diaper fetish. She participates regularly, and even has her own stash of diapers.

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    My wife knows, and I'm pretty sure my parents know--or knew when I was growing up, anyway.

    More amusing, perhaps, is that I had about a dozen ABDL coworkers (that I was aware of) at my previous employer, and would meet them for lunch semi-regularly. It was a giant company, so...probability. How exactly we all found each other is a bit of a story, but in very short, it was the work on another ADISC member who was an excellent forum sleuth. So that was kinda neat. I semi-retired from that company, though, and while I don't miss the work very much, I do sort of miss the built-in ABDL munches.

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    pretty much everyone in my life knows to a degree, I try not to be flashy about it. but close family and friends find out one way or another.

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    My sister knows and my ex-boss knows...and anybody else at that office who he manged to blab it to.

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    I have a couple of friends I met through Craigslist who know. Otherwise no one in the family (wife or kids) have any idea...

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    people do know i wear but they usually only know i wear to bed since im a bedwetter. they dont know i wear for fun tho and i prefer to keep it that way for now

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    There's probably a handful...or two...or maybe three by now...of my friends WHO know that I'm either a Little or a babyfur or like diapers...I'm often calling myself a fox kitten and not a fox cat, so I'm not exactly trying to hide it, though not flashing it either.
    I have friends that are super accepting of it, which is just lovely :3 Oddly enough though, the guy I'd consider my best friend doesn't know...Mostly because there is no need for him to know that, I'm not Little or furry around him.
    Fun thing though, a guy found out about my liking of diapers a few weeks back by browsing through old posts of min on a forum...I felt absolutely horrified when he confronted me about it...Fortunately he accepted it, although he found it pretty strange, lol.

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