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Thread: Happy with the New Palace Pets Pull-Ups

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    Default Happy with the New Palace Pets Pull-Ups

    I picked up a pack of Pull-Ups Wednesday, mainly because of the new Palace Pets prints. The last time I bought Pull-Ups was in 2014; at that time I got the 3T-4T size because they were sold out of the girls' in 4T-5T. I am far too large to actually wear them properly, so I stuff them inside my underwear. Back then I found them to be pretty poor absorbency-wise. I don't know if going one size up makes that much of a difference, or if they've actually improved since then, but I'm kind of impressed with them now. Letting it out slowly I managed to give them about the same size wetting I can give a Huggies Ultra Snug and Dry size 6.

    Your experience will probably vary, especially if you're a guy cause I don't have male parts to take up room in the narrow crotch, but I'm pretty satisfied anyway.

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    I still have half a bag each of the Doc McStuffins Pull-Ups and Dora Easy-Ups, but I've seen the new versions appear in the local stores over the past few weeks, so I'm eager to get through what I have and check out the new stuff!

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    Do they still have the Palace Pets pull ups in stores?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodnitesFan97 View Post
    Do they still have the Palace Pets pull ups in stores?
    I got mine at Walmart; Palace Pets are the newest design so they should be around a while...

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine View Post
    I got mine at Walmart; Palace Pets are the newest design so they should be around a while...
    Thank You, I haven't been to a store in a long time, since I came back from Disney World, so I haven't brought any diapers in a long while.

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    So, a bit of an experiment tonight. I remember trying something like this before, and it not working well, but I decided to try again. I cut the crotch out of a pair of underwear and stapled in a Pull-Up. I've already had to remove/replace some staples, so we'll see.

    EDIT: Staples aren't working out, so I'm going to try some jewelry pins if I can find them here...

    Edit again: It doesn't really work. I'm going back to just stuffing them inside my underwear...
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    as I don't care whats on the lable (little paws or crinklz being an exception but not necessary), the idea of stuffing outside of pads seems "meh" being a waste of time and effort to me.

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    Pull-Ups brand training pants kind of hold a special place in my heart because I guess you could say they were my ''first love'' in the world of diapers, the genesis of my fetish long ago. I was intrigued by the commercials as a kid, anything that had to do with potty training really. My mom would tell me I didn't wear training pants as a toddler and that they were dumb, being just diapers, and I'd agree, but secretly the thought of them was a huge turn-on even as a young kid.

    One of these days I should get ahold of some real safety pins to try with the crotchless underwear again...

    I also made them leak today. Oops.

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