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Thread: Best diaper to flood?

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    Question Best diaper to flood?

    What are people's opinions on the best diapers to flood? I'm for Goodnites (basically the only diaper I wear and use), because they don't clump up when you flood, and they stay warm for a pretty long time. Of course, Goodnites are terrible to flood but I just flooded one and it just leaked slightly, not like coming completely over the leg guards. Kinda asking to see if I wanna try different diapers that can hold a lot more than Goodnites, if I like a thicker and much larger diaper. I tried the ATN's at school, I like the way you can see how much you wet like the wet spot, but they get clumpy and I want a diaper that can hold its shape well when you flood it, and gives you that nice warm feeling.

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    Tykables, Abena M4, Molicares, Bambinos, Abu space or any of their varieties, ID slip plastic or cloth. Use all those and they handle well

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    I really like Tena Slip Maxi. They are great and nicely soft when wet! Sad they stop making plastic ones but cotton ones will do too

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    I would think something like an ABU Space or Rearz Safari could easily handle a good flood.

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    this really comes down to body shape... you need a really good fit or not matter how absorbent you might end up with some leakage with a big flood.

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    i think Molicare super plus is the best at wicking and comes the closest to cloth in that regard. I flood these once at nite and when I wake in the morning the entire pad is saturated. The Chinese jello diapers just expand where you flood them and it can feel like a bowling ball in your lap when you are laying down. the Northshore supreme are second in line, but take longer to wick.

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