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Thread: Superhero Diapers

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    No. I've never heard of them, but I usually only order from abu. I'm a bit disappointed though. I wish they weren't so generic. A diaper with Superman or Captain America on it would be awesome. Though that won't ever happen do to trademarks and copyrights.

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    I think they already make one with superman on, just his logo though

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    I know that they have goodnites with Iron Man on them, but I can't fit into those very well. I was hoping for an adult size diaper that features a super hero.

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    I have a spiderman and star wars cloth diaper aio. They're cool

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    These are being talked about here too

    They look a lot darker and a lot busier than anything I would normally buy but the more I see them the more I want to try them.

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    Where did you get the spiderman one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kavi View Post
    Where did you get the spiderman one?
    Wow missed that post... seen Spidey pull-ons (maybe Goodnites?) but I would completely love Star Wars nappies even if they were cloth backed.

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    Hey! I got them from dependeco cloth diapers.
    The good thing about cloth all I'm one diapers is that you can use them to cover/make your normal disposable diapers look awesomely cute.

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    Personally not ready to try actual cloth again for a while but will have to look them up.

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