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    Hey! I just want to share with you the place where I usually get my bodies. I don't see people talking about this and it has been a few years I've got some of


    All the page is in German so Google translation is a must. The sizes refer to your height great great quality!!!

    What do you think ?

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    I think the difference between "bodies" and "bodysuits" is a pretty critical one and it leads to funny confusion. As to the products, I like that they have a selection of long sleeved shirts as well as the others. I probably won't order from Germany to get them, though.

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    I store all my bodies in the shed out back XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Star579 View Post
    I store all my bodies in the shed out back XD
    Everyone back away slowly from Star579!

    On topic though... Are they German made?

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    Bodies? I agree with others. Sometimes the translation confuses the meaning. In English, "bodies" are dead people dude! Are you talking about adult onesies? Fursuits? I have heard about complete bodysuits but what do they have to do with Diapers?

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