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Thread: How Many Diaper Changes Happening Right Now?

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    Default How Many Diaper Changes Happening Right Now?

    I was getting my pants changed last night and I wondered to myself how many real babies and adult babies across the country were experiencing the same thing at that exact moment.

    There are just less than 4,000,000 babies born each year in the United States. I have no idea the total number of practicing adult babies, but I imagine the number would make up the 100,000 'baby birth deficit,' so 4,000,000 is a nice round figure to begin with.

    If the 'average' baby is out of diapers after the third year, and you factor in the AB portion of the population, that makes 12,000,000 babies in diapers (babies and adults) at any given time.

    Let's assume each baby (baby or adult) needs eight diaper changes per day, on average. That's 96 million diapers changed daily. No wonder the disposables industry is in such great shape!

    That makes an average of 4,000,000 diaper changes every hour in the US ... just over 66,000 diaper changes every minute.

    Next time I'm lying on a changing pad wondering if there's anyone else out there experiencing the same thing, I'll know I'm in good company.

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    I never think of that whilst I am having a change! But I am glad I am one of the babies now! I think about other babies and abies having a change when I do

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    I get changed a lot, but I wish the changes happened in a kind, loving manner

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    Even if you numbers are off by 50%, that's still a lot of diaper changes at the same time.

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    I never really thought of that; you have such a creative mind!

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