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Thread: Family like relationships?

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    Default Family like relationships?

    I have been wanting to have a family like relationship where I am the baby and have a mommy and daddy so I have a couple of questions.

    #1 for ABs.
    If you had friends that where in a relationship that both knew about your ab lifestyle and offered to take care of you from time to time(one weekend a month or your preference) would you take them up on it?

    #2 for ab/dls, caretakers, littles, that are in a relationship.
    If you had an ab friend would you baby them from time to time(one weekend a month or your preference) if your partner approved?

    #3 for everyone.
    Would you like to be in or at least try out a family like relationship?

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    Yes to all thee questions.

    If you are luckly to have freands that are willing to take care of you and you trust them then go for it. But communition of what is OK and what would make you feel uncomfortable would need to be talked through.

    That person or persons that is going to take care of you would probly have rolls for you ie bedtime. Like a really perent would have for there child. But theses rolls should be one to keep you safe and healthy.

    If your freand would like to switch then do that as well. As this gives inside to both rolls,

    I would encarage any one with freands that are willing to give it a go, to do it.


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    1# Yes but i would probably be very uncomfortable at first because diapers and my little side has always been a very private thing for me.

    2# maybe. I'm not in a relationship but I've been interested in being in more of a daddy role but I'm not sure if its really my thing. I would at least be willing to give it a go.

    3# Yes. As long as i can still be my adult self around family and friends that don't know about my ABDL side. :P

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