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Thread: the army diaper experiment.

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    Default the army diaper experiment.

    these are the results of an experiment, an experiment to see what it would take to get prescribed diapers by a military doctor.

    this started when i went to sick call saying i was having trouble with peeing to much. after taking several tests, such as having a doctor stuff a handycam in my peehole, a prostate exam, blood tests, a urinary analasys, holding my urine for 12 hours, and injecting dye into me while they take an mri.

    please note that this was less for the diapers, (i already had some) and more for the knowledge of the process. even as much of a victory as it may seem, my diapers are for night only, i will not be removed from the service or limited in any way, and is used to be more as a helper than a fix.

    i will now open the floor to questions.

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    So you just wasted how many thousands of taxpayer dollars to satisfy your little kink?

    Dude... no, just no. That's shameful.

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    I'll put this in question form for you:

    How long do you think you'll be able to go before your barrack-mates / bunk-mates throw you a blanket party?

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    Quote Originally Posted by h3g3l View Post

    I'll put this in question form for you:

    How long do you think you'll be able to go before your barrack-mates / bunk-mates throw you a blanket party?

    That sort of thing doesn't happen anymore. For one thing, very few service members live in open bay barracks, and most live out in town. Though, what babyemo did is clearly malingering and he should be subject to punitive action(Mast/NJP), IMO. Besides, why the hell would you want military diapers, I sure they suck as bad as everything else associated with the military medical system.

    BTW, If you are home from Iraqistan, Welcome Home.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Yeah... Lying to your doctor about any medical issue is a bad idea. If your doctor thinks you're incontinent, that's going to change the way he may prescribe medicine to you in the future. That's a risk I wouldn't take.

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    Why would you do that? You should be worrying about other thing than how you can get diapers in the Army

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    on the other hand, they did find i have an abnormally small bladder sphincter (shy bladder cause?) which they will be fixing. so as wasteful (see malingering, tax waste) as it may be, a legitimate(?) issue was found.

    if this sounds like an excuse, then ignore it and continue bashing me.

    as for getting diapers- i already had them.

    blanket party- why? im not fucking up their stuff,

    dcviper- i do live in a 30 man bay, but we have erected our own little "whack shacks" around our bunks with blankets and stuff :P so its not that bad. Malingering is the off putting of duties for no good purpose, all of my appointments where scheduled around training (i am mobilizing for iraq) so i was wasting my free time :P

    BM- there has been no incontinence issue brought forward, nor does anyone believe that it may be one. i specifically tried to not elude to that idea whatsoever just for that reason.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't incontinence or something like that get you a big fat medical discharge?

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