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    Default Meeting fellow DLs

    The folks who are into BDSM have "munches" to meet people in person. Is there something similar and institutionalized across states and countries in the DL community?

    I searched through lots and lots of posts (try the word "meet" in a search...), but only came across custom or local events.


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    Well you're not going to find anything here... mainly because this isn't a meeting site.

    Try The DailyDiaper - DailyDiapers - Age Play, Fetish Wear and Diaper Lover Community or ABDL DiaperSpace Adult Babies & Diaper Lovers. They're both adult communities with a fair amount of members. I'm sure there is some sort of get together around your area. A lot of munches are hosted by indipendant people.... so it doesn't hurt to try.

    Once you start meeting people in your area, it's easier to find a munch since they might know something about it, too.

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    Not sure about "institutionalized." I lived in northern VA / Washington DC and there used to be a group that held regular munches in Baltimore. They're few and far between. Given that you live in San Fran, I'd be surprised if there aren't events fairly regularly. That's about the most liberal community in the US. A quick search yielded the following (FYI - I can't verify or endorse these groups):

    Daddy's Little Girl - - the moderator is listed as Mary fron San Fran - perhaps reach out to "her" and inquire.

    Edges - I think this is a BDSM / fetish club in San Jose

    Not sure if anything will materialize out of these links but perhaps they can point you to groups.

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    I've met a few local AB/DLs... nothing spectacular. It's just nice to have friends that you can talk diapers with and not be concerned.

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    Moved to Adult Baby-forum as this is not suitable for minors. And y'all be careful on posting 18+ stuff please!

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