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    When the internet was first invented and used by the masses, it was a new trade route that opend up. Previous times in history when this happend, specificly opening of Indian Ocean Trade to Europeans, huge monopolies fought wars agianst eachother to control the trade routes. How come we didn't see this type of thing happen with the internet? How come we didn't see Best Buy and Circut City fighting spam wars against eachother, to dominate the electronics trade on the net?

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    Well, buying and selling on the internet isn't nearly as old as the internet. Plus, I feel that even with trade across the internet increasing in popularity, only recently have companies feel that it's became safe enough for the public to use it without potential lawsuits for missing/stolen information. It's still not the safest thing though, as there's always a way to hack into things, but it's safer now than it used to be, so it's becoming more of a competitive market. The internet hasn't been around for that long, so it shouldn't be expected that we would see a huge history of trade over the internet in that short time.

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    The Internet is basically several huge metropolitan networks owned by company. These networks are liked by other neighbouring (geographically speaking) networks and they route Internet traffic on your behalf. The company will join their servers to one on these networks. And must obey the ISP rules. so they can't do anything to silly.

    Given that we have some form of Law and Order these days. I don't think the big guys DDoSing the crap out of each-other won't end up in some form of lawsuit. You don't see the companies practising some form of proxy wars where they hire thugs to do the dirty work of vandalising the opposition's stores. That's dirty tactics. And the same thing applies on the Internet.

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    Because the internet is free? Because you choose where you want to go on the internet?

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    Ya, there was law and order in the 1700's. The companies just got in bed with the government and were granted ok's to set up colonies by any means necessary. Of course these company wars were like British Esat India vs. French East India, a sort of nationalistic "my company is bigger and richer than yours, so is my country". still, that could be applied to companies such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart

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    Well there is still competition, but we have laws to limit them. I don't foresee companies like Best Buy trying to colonize other countries.

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    Right, I mean direct Imperialism is dead, we now have Globalization, which is like imperialism, but in most cases no military control directly of ones nation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedteenager View Post
    Right, I mean direct Imperialism is dead, we now have Globalization, which is like imperialism, but in most cases no military control directly of ones nation.
    Well, atleast it's just brainwashing. I mean that can't be bad, right?

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