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Thread: Walgreens Certainty Adjustable Underwear?

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    Default Walgreens Certainty Adjustable Underwear?

    Has anyone tried these, and if so are they any good? These are the pullup type that also have tapes for getting the right fit. They're on sale right now, so I might try them.

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    They aren't as absorbable as the more diaper-like briefs variant. Sure ripping tapes isn't much of a concern with these, but they don't really feel like diapers even if you double up. One thing I haven't tried, is trying to use them as stuffers underneath another type.

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    Leak out sids the two tape same brand is ok doubled up just be care full with the tapes.
    If you go to sam club you can get 48 of the same thing around 20.00
    Works ok if your low on cash

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    I have not tried them, but the Walgreens Adult Diaper sucks so I assume the pull-ups aren't any better.

    I also used an insert when I wore the diapers, and they did...okay.

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    been happy on my lighter days with their pull up products though a mass flood will leak ive found ensuring they are sized SNUG helps in that department because of the lack of standing leak gaurds but i prefer tighter anyway...

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    I have worn them in the daytime and they work very well. Only thing is you have to pull them on, then you can adjust the tapes after you have them in position.

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