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Thread: Why are people cruel

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    Default Why are people cruel

    Do you guys ever wonder why some people online or in general are so hateful against diaper lovers? I mean is it ignorance or that they just don't see it the way we do. Whenever I watch videos I just try to stay away from comments. I know it sounds weird at first to some people but I am cool and enjoy other things in the world without this stopping me. I mean , who cannot resist a thick, crinkly diaper?

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    This is not for everyone, which I'm sure you realize. With that said, there are a lot of cruel people out there, especially when they are faced with something that could be seen as different. You see it every day in the news, where someone is bashing against homosexuals, transgenders, people from another country, people of different skin color, whatever. It's a defense mechanism in humans--it evolved so that someone outside the tribe would not get easy access, that they had to work to become part of the group and the likelihood of betrayal to another tribe would then be lower.

    Heck, you see it among supporters of sports teams. Some people are able to look beyond these characteristics, but there are a huge number who aren't.

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    I find analog's reply interesting. But in actuality, humans are naturally cooperative and just as likely to engage in trading and intermarriage as they are to be fearful of differences. In the United States, anti-black racism was created through a caste system introduced during the North Atlantic Slave trade. In France, black people do not experience skin color discrimination. Hate is learned and is not innate. Paul Robeson and Josephine Baker found safety from segregation and racism in Paris France. That said, diaper loving is hated by most. I don't know why. It is not unsafe or illegal. It's just different. Having been an ABDL all my life I cannot relate to those who hate it. I am African,German and English. Looking at me most people are perplexed because my features don't look like a "race" they recognize. Never give up on being an ABDL. WE are here to support each other and ICs.

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    That's a great way of looking at it. So I guess I shouldn't care what people think. I've had urges
    To wear diapers for a long time. And if they make me feel comfy and relaxed then it's none of anyone else's business

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    Don't read the troll comments. I don't know who writes them but they must be very horrible.

    If it is any compensation they seem to hate everyone, not just us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinguinito View Post
    Don't read the troll comments. I don't know who writes them but they must be very horrible.

    If it is any compensation they seem to hate everyone, not just us.
    A few months ago I posted a completely serious question to Yahoo Answers and got utter garbage in response. Some sites do seem to attract immature people who get a visceral thrill about responding "you suck!" (etc.) to everything. Better to just move on and ignore them.

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    There's trolls and haters everywhere online.

    And then there's the un-informed clueless ignorant narrow minded people who are against abdl's.

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    I know how you feel and I would like to be a friend. I might not know to much about this lifestyle but can learn more than I already do.

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