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Thread: Happy st patricks day

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    Default Happy st patricks day

    happy st patricks day, people, and bots.

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    *leaves this one to the regulars and VIPs*

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    For all you neon green beer drinkers tonight... make sure you got a very thick diaper on... we want no leaks!

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    Yay, a Tuesday night out for Saturday prices.

    How swell.

    I just hope I don't get headbutted by a giant leprechaun.

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    From one Irishman born in America to the members here Happy Saint Patrick's Day. I consider myself lucky and don't have to wear green too because I have green eyes.

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    Good god, the bars were open at 7AM today...when I was riding to campus I saw all the fratboys playing beerpong at 9:30AM. Half my class was drunk today, those that were sober enough to show up.

    I love St. Patty's day...

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