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    I decided that it will bets to go to bed at 10 o'clock instead of 12 o'clock every night so I get into a more childlike routine and get 9 hours of sleep rather than go to bed at 2 am and get 5 hours sleep. I made a chart telling me what I do at a certain time and when I done it I place a tick on the square on what day and at the end of the week I count how many I have. I also don't play as much as I should do so I get more playtime hours, yippee! And I get things done and feel more tired, the light purple words tell me what to do on days off whilst the dark purple ones tell me what to do on college days.

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    My bed time is 9.00 having lots of sleep seems to help me when I have to adult up.

    I still have naps wich is about two hours from 2.00pm but I am up early and I can get lots done.

    I tryed charts but really need a caregiver to do it with me. I Gess I need looking after more that way. But I was pleased with my self to day in that I got a load of grown up stuff done.

    Let me know who it goes for you. And it would be great to meet up some day. Hope you can get to some of the meets.


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    That's a great idea. I think it will help you a lot.

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    My wife and I have a loosely self imposed sort of schedule. She has a lot of appointments, some doctor and some others, that dictate our being certain places at specific times. We go to sleep at pretty much the same time every night, though our getting up time changes according to morning appointments. Still, I always allow time for that first cup of coffee in the morning and reading the morning newspaper.

    Our nighttime ritual is spelled out by her medical needs, either going on her dialysis machine or me flushing her dialysis catheter and changing the dressing. I suppose our schedules define us in certain ways but they also can make one feel secure, holding surprises to a minimum.

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    Your chart is super adorable! ^0^
    I can't really make out what it says in this resolution, but I'm sure it's really practical too. I use more of a to-do list method than an actual schedule. It gives me more flexability, which is good since I am not all that good at estimating how long tasks will take. But making more time to play; I like this idea.

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    You do make a sound point, Angelic. Even for a little, it is today that counts.

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