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Thread: Did they see me!?

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    Default Did they see me!?

    I was eating at the dinner table in front of the window at night and the curtains were closed, good quality thick curtains in fact, there is a street lamp in front of the house.

    A group of girls walked past the window and I heard laughing, wtf! Did they see me or something!? How did they do that!?

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    They didn't sound like they were mocking, they just giggled and nobody shouted anything and my brother came through the door in a huff and went straight to bed, I am a bit scared now, if my brother has seen anything, I will just say it's a harmless thing I am doing and I honestly didn't think they would see.

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    If your curtains were closed they probably didn't see anything. They might have simply been giggling over a joke one of them told.

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    I was eating with a bib and soppy cup!

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    Why only proberly!?

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    I wouldn't worry about the girls seeing anything as MolicareMan said. If your brother came through the front door in a huff then maybe the girls were laughing at some interaction he had with them.

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    Yes they did and they tock photos.

    I sorry, I a meany. It was just to big Red and shiny. So Of course I had to push it.

    How long do I have to spend in the naughty corner.

    In all seriousness if your curtains were closed They probably didn't see you. I will probably just laughing at something completely different And what you were doing.

    A bit like you going to the swings early in the morning early in the morning. You got worried over that. And Nothing came of it. So i really shouldn't worry about this either.


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    I have a secluded deck on the back of my house I anted to get some sun on my legs so I went out to my lounge chair wearing a diaper and a camisole, I got my tan happy, happy, happy

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    They likely didn't see anything. Wouldn't think much of it.

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    in my opinion its not a calming habit to assume other people are laughing at you in general, also you did mention these are girls (im picturing a group of youthful boisterous females) loud laughter is pretty normal.

    I think your safe!! especially if the curtains are thick. also if people are by a spot of light surrounded by dark areas, they become even more unable to pierce that darkness, this is because a persons eyes who are under a street light or who have a flashlight, adjust to take in the amount of light the the light source produces.

    all in all, I think your A-ok

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