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Thread: hrt appointment made squeeee

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    Default hrt appointment made squeeee

    finally got the courage to make an appointment to talk to a therapist about HRT. OGM im soo nervous. Got one life i need to do what makes me happy. Any one else go thru this?

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    I have! Just started HRT recently and it's awesome! Hope things work out for you.

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    how long did you have to go to therapy befor you got your rx?

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    I realize it is usually a fairly long process of transition grin hrt, right? Please keep us updated on your progress (if you're comfortable that is)

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    planing on doing weekly photos once i start, so if i get frustrated i can look back ^^

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    I only had 2 sessions with my therapist before she brought up me starting hrt. Admittedly, those 2 sessions were six months apart, but that was due to life getting in the way. I'd say you can get on them pretty quick depending on your therapist, the frequency at which you see them, and how far of a drive it is to the nearest endocrinologist who'll prescribe hrt.

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    did you go thru your general doc to get the gender therapist appointment? *having to do all this thru disability*

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    My apologies for not replying sooner. No, I just found a gender therapist online and made my appointments directly.

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    no biggie ^^ < i dont check the fourms daily either :P

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