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Thread: Broken leg & Abu Space Diapers

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    Default Broken leg & Abu Space Diapers

    I will do my best to keep this short, approx 1-1/2 weeks ago I had a work accident and severely broke my leg in multiple places I was lucky to not be wearing on the day. I spent a week in hospital including surgery to reassemble leg. Well if there was a time in my life where I really need diapers it's now it's such a painful ordeal to use toilet etc. Well I figured I would buy a case of Abu space diapers while in hospital which I have never used but sure they would fit. They arrived today and my goodness these are a whole new level of quality amazing diapers by such a massive margin. I am totally blown away by how beautiful and soft they are straight out of the packet. I am more of a dl therefore don't usually go for artwork but they truely look great as well. The plastic is the best I have seen and the crinkle is easily muffled under a pair of underwear or similar. The fit is easily the best I have found on any diaper and I am sure they will hold up better than anything which has gone before them. The Space diapers will make the next few weeks of pain and difficulty so much easier and more enjoyable. If your thinking of trying these just order them nothing comes close.

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    As a recent convert to ABU Space I could not agree more. They are excellent in all ways.

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    Abu space diapers are my favorite also, they are what I would consider to be the perfect diaper, at least to me. Everything about them is great from the fit to the outer shell to the absorbency, it all just works so well.

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    Boo to the injury but yay for going to Space to get rid of some naughty green aliens while layed up.

    Agree totally that they are amazing and everyone should be giving these and/or Simples / little Pawz a shot!

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    Injuries suck. Diapers are there to make it better
    I'm glad you found one that suits your needs and more. I'm slightly spoiled because all I've ever used in a long while is Space and diapers like it :p

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    Space Nappies are legendary! I try to keep them as a treat though otherwise I am likely to wear them too often! lol Fell in love with them!

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    ABU Space was my second ever adult diaper, and I absolutely LOVE them L-O-V-E LOVE them! I'm getting more when I have the privacy to

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    I sympathise with you on that note as I am going to hospital in November/December of this year to have corrective surgery on my feet to shorten my toes which have been curling under my feet since I was a baby although none of the doctors previously took any notice of it until now 35+ years later, sure I could sue them for historical medical negligence but what's the point?, Anyway during this operation I will be kept under or artificially tranquilised so I thought because I don't know what my body is going to do I would order some diapers online well I ordered them alright with out any problems even managed to get them for free as samples.

    But the only problem or fly in the ointment is the fact that they will arrive when I am on holiday in the far east and won't be able to come to collect them I tried to email the corrier or company back to arrange an alternative time but my emails just keep bouncing back as unknown address and I don't want to cut my holiday short just to race home for a package of diapers.

    Anyway these pads are a selection from tena slip they range from Super-Ultima the latter is for my operation should the corrier deliver them I fear no one will be home to collect them and that won't be good for my reputation as a customer anyway should the worst happen perhaps I might be able to re order them again at a later date.

    My blog if your interested is on this website entitled diapers and hospital under my name of chinababy888
    Anyway glad to hear your recovering from your operation and thanks for the unofficial review of ABU space diapers as I am looking at buying some of those once I have got anew job because I was made redundant last year through no fault of my own due to the floods in Cumbria.

    Anyway must go now

    Yours sincerely


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